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Found 5 results

  1. Just noticed during tutorial that I had a unit I slow moved for a while, who then stayed exhausted for the rest of the fight. Is this normal?
  2. I have remarked this strange behavior by infantry when fighting in built up areas: for some reason they will only use the "front entrance" to get into a building. A section will be positioned at the rear of the building, and ordered to enter it from that side. It may be a few action points away. It will have one or two way-points before the last one right by the building's rear entrance. It will move through those way-points, then, instead of entering the building as ordered, it will go around the whole block, frequently moving into obvious enemy kill zones, while attempting to reach the
  3. I'd like to be able to create a little table that told me what I could expect from the various move commands when the move-ee encounters opposition. The general advice I've picked up from this forum, for example, is that scout movement orders should usually end with a short hunt 'n' hide command so that if they get fired on they will stop and go to ground. I've understood that to imply that units will generally try to fulfil 'quick' and 'move' commands. This matches my experience so far - units moving with quick or move always *seem* to want to go to their destination when fired on although th
  4. Quick Question N1: What's Next? Quick Question N2: When? Last time we had something happening in CM world was Tuesday April 25th of 2017 when CMBS Battle Pack came out (by the way I never played any campaign/battle in CM, I view it as a sandbox for quick battles/multiplayer only, so I dont even know those story lines behind those games (its all like a setting for me and thats all)). So basically its almost a year since last update in CM world happened. Last patch was like in 2016. So gentlemen, please share all the things you know about what is going, when we will
  5. So, I'm busily recording the big grand finale of the next TTP video, and I came across some very strange behavior: When ordered to cross a section of cleared minefields, infantry seem to actively avoid the clear sections, and wander outside the lane. Having run into a minefield, my M4A3 reversed, and the Crab went forward to clear the mines. At this point, I figured I'd cross a Team, so I placed a movement waypoint one AS short of the lane, and the next waypoint directly across the far side of the lane, much like you'd plot a bridge movement. The Squad Leader, in his i
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