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Found 5 results

  1. I don't play QBs that often but every time I do I usually end up with "so that's what I got" after purchasing my units and the battle starts. I have a fair understanding, but the composition of squads, equipment, weapons, amount of ammo etc is impossible to keep in mind. When making scenarios in the editor there is the "deploy units" feature which basically is putting the purchased units where you want them on the map. The unit purchase for scenario making and QBs is identical as far as I can tell. In QBs there is the "preview map" feature. Would it be possible to port over the "deploy un
  2. Hi everyone, I was reading a thread in the forums today with regards to AI plans for use in CM missions. That got me to thinking about the literally endless possibilities the Arma3 mission makers can utilize through the use of script commands. List of commands here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 I'm guessing the current engine precludes the introduction of such a system, but perhaps if/when Battlefront begins work on "Engine 4", a similar system might be looked upon as perhaps having some merit. Perhaps someone in the forums f
  3. If possible it would be really helpful to have the four-way wall/fence intersection included in the CMSF2 editor. For MOUT scenarios especially since so many of the buildings in that part of the world have walls around them. In CMSF1 scenario designers end up making some strange looking wall layouts as a work around to not having this tile. The other tiles would also be nice but the four-way wall intersection would make urban design much easier & realistic. If not now maybe in a future pack................
  4. Below are the results of some experimenting with Unit Spot Objectives. The experimenting was done in CMBS v2.1 Engine 4. Hot seat. CM Engine Manual v4.0 page 88. Observations: Individual troops within a team are counted for spot VPs. When dismounted a driver is counted separately from a vehicle for spot VPs. The editor will allow you to assign fortifications as unit objectives however fortifications will not be counted as unit spot objectives in the game. Units that are spot objectives are not required to use exit zones but they may. A unit cannot be bot
  5. There is a new version of CMUU at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ibiai1l1j5ssvo6/AAANU6X88kL7ANVuJslM0tTCa?dl=0 These are the major changes: Combat Mission Universal Utility Help You use this tool at your own responsibility. To prevent irreversible lost of data save all game files befor use! With the help of CMUU you can modify the campaign files, change the scenario sequence, add and delete scenarios (battles) and change some scenario preferences. Further features will be installed later. The scenario files (.btt) cannto be edited by the tool at the moment because there ar
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