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  1. Actually, I slept at home, and good thing too, or my wife would have had a fit! (I understood the reference. I'm old enough!)
  2. What Sequoia said, page 24 (last page on my screen anyway).
  3. Sorry, can't let this go. The unit logo/patch would more likely be classified as a trademark. But regardless, the British government weren't using them for commercial purposes in the first place, so don't know what claim Boris and company would make now against you.
  4. I should have added this disclaimer: I am not a copyright attorney, nor do I play one on TV.
  5. Canuck, I doubt that the British government bother to actually copyright their army's unit patches. But if they did, they would be in public domain by now I'd imagine. Besides, you're not doing this for profit. And if unit patches are copyrighted, a lot of us are in trouble, including BFC most likely (That patch is used in some of the MG scenario briefings)!
  6. Either that, or a surprise vehicle pack or battle pack. Which would great but I’m not holding my breath!
  7. So, BFC, what are you releasing next Friday? I just want to clear my schedule...
  8. Not really a problem since other RezExplodes from the other titles can be used, of course. But if it is in fact a glitch well now someone knows.
  9. Maybe I got a bad install, but everything else seems to be working fine, and boy does it look great! But my RezExplode folder only has the Input folder inside, no way to activate it. Anyone else have this?
  10. Oh, I hate that! I have lost hours of work in the past, so I have become a slave to the save button in PSP! Glad you didn't lose anything, Aragorn!
  11. Third base only, eh? Persevere, you'll get there!
  12. Lol. I only just "put the tip in" to F&R, and now another siren beckons!
  13. I tend to agree with Aragorn here. Love a lot of his stuff, but wondering how this will turn out. I first read Sager's book 40 years ago and a couple more times since. Great read, but I also recall a lot of controversy as to whether it was fiction or nonfiction.
  14. You sure about that? We're flying high on BFC's massive F&R fix, and now you're going to hot load us with CW? What the hell. It will be a wild ride for the next couple of months!
  15. Hi Wang, your English is fine by me. I have noticed textures disappearing in other, older mods in CMx2 games when shakers are turned on (or off?). Since 32bit is the only possible way to get an alpha channel (3 bits—colors R/B/G—per pixel, and plus one for the alpha, on the 8 pixel images, I don’t know what or how to get around this problem. Your numbering for the normal map “should” be correct; the number before “_normal map”. Must be a goof on BFC’s part.
  16. domfluff, I understand all that, as with Chuck’s and Erwin’s responses, cuz I have been playing and delving into the innards of the game pretty much daily for 14 years. I guess I am asking the question wrong, or maybe asking the wrong question. I think the “answer” is “forget about it, it’s all under the hood”, lol. What I’m trying to get at is why does the TacAI override your given orders sometimes, and at others, slavishly try to follow them. Specifically, in the case of enemy AI continually running through or into a kill zone without stopping. (And to a lesser degree, why do my men sometimes not hit the dirt when fired on, even in Quick or Hunt mode.) One answer would be because the game checks soft factors by individual unit (as chosen by you or the scenario author for the enemy at the moment of calculation i.e., is this only a fire team or a whole squad?). Therefore, the enemy squad running into a kill zone will hit the ground after X volume of fire/casualties taken, but the next individual unit has to take the same check, so naturally, they will continue moving into the zone until their factors are checked against the incoming fire/casualties taken. All understandable to me so far, cuz the game doesn’t tell the unit’s commander (in computer language) “Hey, your guys are getting slaughtered...stop sending them through that kill zone!” Only it does, to some degree. When you split squads, or move units away from each other or its leader, and the parent unit (squad if it’s a fire team, platoon if a squad) takes casualties or some similar calamity happens, it does affect the survival behavior of the split-off unit. They will cower or run away...whatever. That behavior is greatly affected by soft factors, to be sure, as well as the the specific orders given, as Freyberg points out. But in effect, the TacAI is deliberately cancelling the human’s orders, and essentially issuing its own for that immediate case. I guess I was just trying to figure out why it doesn’t go one step further and issue orders for the parent unit to hit the dirt and/or take a different path? Just keying all this out, I guess I found my answer. Having the TacAI read the situation and issue new orders to move here, or hit the dirt there, is already covered by the interplay of orders, soft factors, etc. I certainly don’t want the AI to override my orders (or the scenario author’s) each and every time heavy fire/heavy casualties is taken. Regardless, my hat is and has always been tipped to Charles Brain -in-a-jar, Phil Culliton(sp?), and whoever else figured out the programming for CM. Man, my mind aches just trying to ask this question! It is a wonderment.
  17. What game? A lot of the graphics/textures have changed or been renamed in the new module for RT, Fire and Rubble. If you have mods in the game, you are likely going to run into this problem. Try cleaning out your mod files and running the game just to confirm it is or is not mod-related. (99-to-1 says it is.) If it is another game family, it still most likely mod related. This will happen when your mod has fewer than the default number of uniforms in the game (not likely here cuz crews usually don’t have more than one or two uniforms), or if you were using one mod for a while, played some turns of a battle, then swapped out those mods for another with fewer uniforms, and went back and continued playing that scenario. Hope that makes sense. Best to take out your mod folder (or at least that crew mod) and see what happens . Cheers !
  18. Thanks fellas, but the insight I meant wasn't how to handle it in the game, but why is it that it can work well in one instance and not the other. I think it is more of a question for BFC/Steve/Elvis, but thought maybe some of the long time beta testers can weigh in. Sorry I wasn't very clear.
  19. The Smart Tac AI Pixeltruppen: Hey Boss, there’s some enemy guys over there by the trees! Imma fire at them. Boss: Where, I don’t even see nuttin? Pixeltruppen: Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew! Boss: What the goddam hell are you firing at? Pixelpanzer: Hey Boss, I see some enemy guys over there. Imma turning my turret to fire at em! Boss: Where, I don’t see nuttin’? Pixelpanzer: Bam! Boss: Goddam it to he— Pixelpanzer: OUCH! Imma pop smoke an’ back in’ da flock outta here! LIKE NOW!!!! Boss: What the hell? Where? What? Pixeltruppen and Pixelpanzers: <sotto voce> God, he ‘s stoopid and blind! The Dumb Tac AI Boss: Okay, you guys go over there, then slip through that break in the bocage and quicktime it to that building across the field. Pixeltruppen: Shooer ting, Boss! Pixeltruppen: Okay Boss, the eight of us guys are through the gap and headed for th—— Enemy Bastiges: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Pixeltruppen: Boss, it would likely appear to an observer that we are taking fire. Are we? No matter, we see the building from here, so we’ll just sorta keep moseying on over there... Boss: NO, NO, get down! Hit the dirt! LIKE NOW! Enemy Bastiges: Brrrrrrrrrrrrp, Brrrrrrrrrrp, Brrrrrrrrrrrp! <Hey Boss Man, we can and will keep this up all day ! You and your Pixeltruppen are stooopid!> Pixeltruppen: Hey Boss, the five of us think we still can make, and Jones is going to stop—-standing up—-and pew pew back! Enemy Bastiges: Brrrrrp! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Brrrrrrrp! Boss: Hit the Phuuuuking dirt NOW, you IDIOTS! Enemy Bastiges: <Ha, ha! He said “Phuuuuking!> Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Pixeltruppen: No sweat Boss, we don’t mind you swearing! Smitty an’ I can probably still make it to th———-aaarrrgh! Enemy Bastiges: Get some! Get some! [The above was an actual exchange during a CMx2 firefight. Names have been withheld to protect the guilty Boss Man.] I don’t so much mind the enemy taunting the Boss, and my truppen dissing him, but why is the Tac AI so schizophrenic? I know its been complained about ad nauseum, but I don’t recall much discussion, if any, about this apparent disparity within the TacAI system causing it. Under it, static (and to a degree, moving) troops spot, react to threats, and fire intelligently for the most part. Programming rules are obviously in place to cover these situations. But when under Movement Orders, there seems to be a different set of rules. Or what, exactly? Moving, they still will spot threats, react, and even countermand our orders—(channeling Newt here) mostly—but rarely if ever hit the dirt when under fire, until the end of the order. There must be some sort of Orders override regarding static troops—cowering, running away, refusing to initiate your move order, etc., when the **** hits the fan. But nothing like that seems to be in place when moving under heavy infantry fire, or worse, an artillery barrage. I know the arguments regarding the difficulty in making programming decisions about this, like at what point /how many casualties to take before the TacAI says “hit the dirt” is initiated, etc. Players’ reactions to not being able to control their troops like we would like are often mentioned as one main reason to not implement a “go to ground” command. But hey, that doesn’t stop the TacAI from refusing to move troops, or cowering, and other behavior that we lose control of when preservation is at stake. Anyone have insight that can be shared?
  20. Wow, thanks Glubokii Boy! Sounds intriguing. I'll have to wait several months to play it, though, what with Fire & Rubble out and CW coming very soon!
  21. "The farmers" reason was put forward in the past, but that never made sense to me because, well, animals are on the Sun's schedule anyway. I thought it so school kids so won't have to walk to school in the dark, back in the day. Today of course, hardly any do anyways. It is a silly thing.
  22. Btw, it was Jace 11, not t34(with more numbers) who posted a picture on another thread, Anonymous.
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