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Found 2 results

  1. Does anybody have an understanding of mod tags and how to use them? I looked in the 4.0 Engine manual and found a section on mods but not how to use mod tags. Maybe I missed the section so if you know where in the manual and can give me the page number or something that would be great. In one of the game manuals, I think CMBS, I found the following: Mod Tags for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of the Mods folder. So does this mean that mod tags are built in and hard coded? I think you can change heavy rocks to building rubble with the use of a mod tag. But it is limited to what BFC coded? It can either be heavy rocks or building rubble? It can’t be changed? I also found a post that said to change the heavy rocks to rubble you had to create and import a txt file. Are there instructions located somewhere on how to do this? I also found in a game manual the following statement: There is the ability to specify mods be used for a specific scenario. This may actually be what I’m looking for (the ability to specify mods be used for a specific scenario). I just released a scenario for testing and before I send the finalized scenario to the Scenario Depot in a few weeks I might want to have the scenario grab and use a handful of specific mods. This is different from the hard coded mode tag ability above I think? How do you specify a certain mod to be used by a certain scenario?? Any guidance on all the above would be appreciated. Or just point me to the reference that explains it. I don't mind reading up on it I just can't find much detail on it. Just general information that mod tags exists.
  2. Since most the incomplete info is scattered across the board and nothing at all to be found in the CMBN game manual, I´d like to post the basics here, mainly for people who play and work with CMBN only. 1. The mod tag name must be lower case only. I.e "ground dirt red [yourtag].bmp" 2. The mod tag name must be ONE single word. I.e "yourtag", not "your tag". Otherwise the game looks for two (or more) different name tags (your, tag), which most likely do not exist then. 3. There needs to be a space before the brackets [....] with the tag name. 4 The text file to be imported in the editor just needs to include the single word, lower case tag name and any additionally to be used tag, seperated by a space, comma, or line feed. For the above example, the to be imported txt file just includes yourtag. If the tagged files are named [yourtag] and [othertag), the text file needs then to contain yourtag, othertag, or yourtag othertag, or yourtag (line feed) othertag 5. The tagged mod file goes anywhere into the data/z folder. 6. Any game file can be mod tagged, ie. *.wav, *.bmp (including UI elements), *.frag, *.mdr and maybe more. 7. If the txt file is loaded/imported into the editor, the tagged mods become active, once you load the 3D editor part (deploy units, 3D preview) and exit again. Can´t hurt to save the mission file with the newly added tag, exit editor and reload. That´s what works for me after some trial and error and bits of info found here and there. I do neither have CMRT, CMFI or CMBS and it seems these games have info in the manuals not contained in the CMBN one, thus not available to me. Additional comments, hints or error corrections welcome.
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