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  1. If you buy it now you will be able to get a Steam key through Slitherine once it is released on Steam. At least, thats been the case with all the other titles that have found their way to Steam so far.
  2. Just to get a flavour for the game I loaded the biggest free standing battle, Rumpenheim Rumpus. I didn't change any of the dispositions, as I was just planning to play the first turn or two as the US forces, and watch the show. Three hours later..... Great scenario, and easy to play as the Americans. Nice job guys!
  3. I have no e-mail, and my pre-order is still pending with no download link.... EDIT: Tell a lie, the email has just arrived...
  4. Hi, I daresay this has been asked before, but I haven't seen it from a quick glance. I know there might be extra complications with the older titles because of version 4 updates etc, but is there any prospect that all the WW2 titles could be released to Steam via Slitherine?
  5. I asked Battlefront if it made any difference to their profit whether it was bought on Steam or direct. The answer I got was 'buy on whichever platform you prefer'. Maybe they were just being diplomatic but unless I hear it from the horses mouth I'll assume what you are saying is an urban myth
  6. Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I own every current Combat Misssion game, and have the future ones on order I would like access to them via Steam, is there a way I can get steam activation codes?
  7. I'm sure indirectly that's good news of a sort as it might expand the market for Combat Mission somewhat and maybe get the games onto Steam. Personally, however, all this talk about efforts being distracted onto Slitherine activities leaves me cold. I already have the existing games.
  8. Well, it's one winter later than I was hoping to see it and now there are 24 scenarios. Maybe next year there will be 48 scenarios, but if there is still no product then yes, I think that's chit-chat.
  9. I don't see any update there, just thread chit-chat. By update I meant information on how the product is progressing towards release.
  10. Every so often I come back here to see if Fire and Rubble has eventually materialised. The forum is full of threads about updates which have branched off into different discussions. Can one of you good people point me to where the last actual update was?
  11. Hi, Windows Defender reports the .rar version of this update as a threat (trojan).
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