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  1. I'm sure indirectly that's good news of a sort as it might expand the market for Combat Mission somewhat and maybe get the games onto Steam. Personally, however, all this talk about efforts being distracted onto Slitherine activities leaves me cold. I already have the existing games.
  2. Well, it's one winter later than I was hoping to see it and now there are 24 scenarios. Maybe next year there will be 48 scenarios, but if there is still no product then yes, I think that's chit-chat.
  3. I don't see any update there, just thread chit-chat. By update I meant information on how the product is progressing towards release.
  4. Every so often I come back here to see if Fire and Rubble has eventually materialised. The forum is full of threads about updates which have branched off into different discussions. Can one of you good people point me to where the last actual update was?
  5. Hi, Windows Defender reports the .rar version of this update as a threat (trojan).
  6. Exactly. AARs etc can be fun up to a point but if the delay goes on too long frankly they just get annoying.
  7. It'll melt by the time we see Fire and Rubble....
  8. I could although I prefer to play against the AI if I can.
  9. From having a quick read I think lack of AI scripting in the CM side might be a problem. And also not sure how you can predict an enemy assault is going to happen in PzC, although I guess I could live with just playing my assaults,
  10. Were you toying with me or didn't you know about this post either?
  11. We need some technical guru to tell us how to edit the save file. now that would be something...
  12. That sounds interesting.... How do you feed back the result of the CM battle into Panzer Campaigns?
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