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  1. I'm waiting for an update on the update of the update
  2. This! It's good to get updated and know what's going on, even if it's bad news.
  3. I appreciate the update, even though it's not satisfying, but understandable. Keep up the good work!
  4. First day buy! I would really like to see a Cold War (or rather Hot War) setting in CM.
  5. There are actually plans to deploy armed troops to eastern Ukraine by Germany and France. A recon team was there last month to check the situation for such a mission. The reason behind that is that France and Germany might support the OSCE with drone reconnaissance and because of the small operational range of those drones (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMT_Luna_X-2000 on german side) the operators would have to be in the AO. To be protected a force of paratroopers is supposed to accompany them.
  6. I hope to also see a german forces module for CMBS in the future, since it was great fun in CMSF!
  7. Hmm, i really would like to have an upgrade for CMSF, because I like the scenario and especially the NATO-units and I'm afraid we won't be able to play germans, dutchs or canadians in CMSF2. But lets just hope the best.
  8. Hi all, i took a look at the game files to see how the game is build up and while doing this one question came up: Is it possible to add custom armys/nations like the official modules do (without overwriting existing ones)? If yes, what do i have to do to get the entrys of the custom army/nation into the game menues, so that i can select the custom army/nation in the quick battle menue for example?
  9. Those ToW-settings are correct. I haven't played it in the last time, but if I remember correctly then it depends realy on the map. On some maps it isn't so extrem as on other maps and on a few maps it is even allright. But I would like to have all maps allright.
  10. I've got exact the same problem like you and hope to find an answer here.
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