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  1. Thanks guys. Once I found that display size.txt file I now have something I can work with . Just need to find the right res I can live with. Shame i cant just have hi res and scale the UI up interdependently
  2. so Id be putting in 2560 1440 0 ? Interpolate ? Id like a solution that doesnt mean I have to change all my monitor settings every time I play one game. Im not sure what your actually meaning here. My gpu is a 2080ti so its not tasked by the game. But at high res the UI is far too small. 1280 x 960 Looks terrible on a 32in monitor
  3. Is there a way to play at a better resolution than the 1280 x 960 proposed in game. My desktop is 4k and that makes the UI far too small to use. Is there a way to force the game to be 1440 or have a bigger UI ? I dont really want to have to alter my whole desktop to accommodate one game :( Any ideas guys?
  4. Before someone tells me to use search I have. Its clear as mud If I jump in and get SF2 do I have to buy SF1 and then upgrade it? Threads Ive read seem to be saying this. Im hoping theres a buy it all 1 click installer. If there is how much does it cost? I read release is expected end of July? Ive been away a long time and Im really looking forward to this and the new Italy gameto drag me back
  5. Karballa gap and Fallujah for me . But with only a little modding of infantry skins we could have a Mogadishu. Id play that
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Frankly Im shocked by the lack of information from the developers. I know they are a small outfit but still... Im also a bit disappointed that its just an update to v4 rather than something new. A historical Iraq or other future gulf setting would have been good. I guess though one desert can stand in for another and I can pretend The original shock force demo got me into these games. Im really looking forward to this setting more than any other to be honest.
  7. Ive been away a year or so. I hear there's to be a shock force 2. Yes I have tried to search the forum for the answer but couldn't find anything about eta. Anyone got news re this? I was a little disappointed that its still based in Syria 2008 but hey. That's probably preferable to the sci fi all tanks have aps thing in Black Sea
  8. Where is the Apache? Am I reading the wrong thread. I need my fix
  9. Keep up the good work . really enjoying your work and am a fan of the format Try to stay alive longer next time I need a story long enough for 2 cups of coffee
  10. I only just saw this. Being a noob Ive been reading Bils AAR's and really enjoyng them. Ths is something different. I really enjoyed your format . I dont normally enjoy the personalization of soldiers in the game but in this case it worked great. The battle small enough to remember the characters. The little segways where they explain what they were thinking . I just liked the whole thing . It was great. The only thing I wasnt hugely keen on was the grainy textures. Just a bit too grainy/ blurry for my old eyes at times outstanding work. !!!!
  11. Any expansion on the Bocage tactics? Since Im new and Bill says he took out what hed originally written on the issue. Is there now anything new. I guess Im a new convert brought here from BS and reading the AAR's on this site got me into BN game. The Bocage though gets me down. I seem to get get stuck with the covering fire for movement. I have troops to cover fire, but fire where. theres a big frontage? I could really do with some Bocage AAR and tactics help I gotta say that training with infantry in BN has made me a lot better at infantry use in BS where its so much more lethal. So th
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