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  1. Did I understand that correctly, the stock sound icons do differ between tanks and armored vehicles? If so, then they are indeed damned hard to decipher as I've never noticed such a difference.
  2. Aren't these custom icons some kind of cheating as they give you an unfair advantage by giving you more information than the game is supposed to give you (e.g. specifying if a sound contact is a tank or light armor)?
  3. The german Tigers were not ready in 2008 as we were behind the french in achieving combat ready status for our Tigers.
  4. That is an unfair assessement of the Bo105 PAH, which is a dedicated anti tank helicopter that is only beeing used in that specific role!
  5. The PzFst3 is unguided in that sense that its projectile is not guided on its way to its target, unlike ATGMs. Besides that, the laser equipped PzFst3 is a special variant of the PzFst3 and is VERY rare in german service. I've never actually seen one myself. Are the germans in CMSF2 really equipped with that variant? The standard PzFst3 (without a laser range finder) is still pretty accurate to ranges of up to 400m. I'm speaking from personal experience here
  6. Which is all what was needed. Getting some intel about what is going on from time to time about what's going on is all I can ask for, so thank you very much for this thread and the new forum. I really appreciate that, because it helps a lot with waiting, if you have at least some idea of what is actually happening or going to happen. So again, thank you!
  7. This! If you don't want to expand your business in any way, for the reasons mentioned, then it would be really great if you could give us some small updated on how what's beeing done once a month or so. That would make it much easier for (some of) us to keep the patience and not start threads like this
  8. We here in germany still put much emphasis on camoing our combat vehicles. Recent pics from our Panzergrenadiers deployed to Lithuania:
  9. I don't know about the syrians or the dutch, but germans have dedicated platoon HQ teams (the so called "Zugtrupp"). That, AFAIK, applies to all formations in the german armed forces. So that was pretty much correctly done in CMSF1 IIRC (haven't played SF in a while). Anyways, I'm really looking forward to SF2!
  10. I would either go with Black Sea altough it is quiet limited in scope so far or wait for Shock Force 2, because the current Shock Force (which takes place in Syria, not Afghanistan as Sgt.Squarehead already mentioned) is pretty outdated IMHO. It didn't recieve the engine upgrades that the other current CM games recieved.
  11. @cool breeze Alright, I missunderstood what you meant then. I thought draft = conscription, but as I just learned it's not But now that makes me wonder: Who is planning to draft women? I know conscription for women is a topic, at least in some countries, but I've never seen debates about women beeing drafted?
  12. Now you're beeing sarcastic. If you like to discuss this matter in a serious way I would request you to keep it serious. On subject: We in the western world strive towards equality between men and women, in accordance with human rights. Drafting not just men, but also women is just a logical step as with the opening of the military for women there is no real reason why they should not be drafted as well. The time where men and women had different roles (work/household) are a thing of the past in most parts of Europe and North America. So, enough of the theory, let's look at some examples, because there are already some countries that draft women: Israel: AFAIK Israel was the first (western) country to introduce conscription for women. IIRC they serve not as long as men (2 instead of 3 years I think?) and get only drafted into specific (all female?) units, but that includes combat units as well. Norway: Norway was the first european country to introduce female conscription a couple of years ago. There are no all female units, nor are there units that don't allow women. In 2014 they even went even further and started an experiment where they turned an air defense bataillion into a 50/50 male/female unit and even allowed gender mixed bedrooms. It apparently went pretty well. You can read up on it here: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/norway/2017-01-19/norways-radical-military-experiment Sweden: Sweden abolished conscription somewhere in the 2000s, but reintroduced it about 2 years ago, but this time it also included women. I know there has been various forms of female conscription in some communist countries, dating back as far as the 2nd world war, but I don't know enough about that to elaborate. So, as you can see, it is already happening and I've heard nothing bad about it. It's a step to equality and honestly, I don't see any reason why this should be something bad if women are allowed to the military anyways.
  13. Combat Mission: Fulda Gap 85' would indeed be a dream comming true. I hope it will happen at some point.
  14. Looks like the Trump-Administration stands with Ukraine. The newly appointed US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, who is also a member of Trumps National Security Council has now criticized Russia for what is happening in Ukraine and said that the sanctions against russia will stay in place.
  15. I would buy almost any (european) national forces pack, even a Luxembourg forces pack
  16. That would be soooo great! This and a NATO expansion for CMBS and I'm happy
  17. Why is this patch not mentioned on the Battlefront frontpage?
  18. As Steve already pointed out, NCOs were actually supposed to lead platoons in the german army, especially 2nd and 3rd platoons. This is still the case today btw
  19. I also have to say it's an awesome Mission and with lot of arty preperation for the crossing it works quite well. But I haven't managed to play much further than the crossing, because it also crashes on me all the time. Is that because of insufficent RAM or VRAM? Or can it be both? Because on one crash I got a error message which said I'm running out of VRAM.
  20. They are outside the scope of CM. They are used on divisional level to attack enemy forces on large scale. Like Duckman said, they would just cover an entire map in CM. Of course there are also precision guided rockets nowadays, but there is no need for rocket arty just for that.
  21. I played this mission twice now. It was also my first mission in CMBS at all. In the 1st attempt I won the mission by only loosing one IFV (it got hit at the staging area by long range autocannon fire from a BMP) and I think 1-2 tanks recieved light damage. In the 2nd attempt I won the mission without any losses (1 tank lost his main gun though). In both attempts I used the same tactic: I used the tank platoon in a line formation to advance through the open field with two stops. The 1st stop was more on the left flank of the open field shortly after crossing the dirt road on elevated ground with LOS to the town. All 4 tanks crested simultanously and spotted some IFVs which they destroyed. About 2 of the tanks got lased and reversed with smoke, but the other two tanks killed the lasing IFVs quickly. I moved the tanks to the 2nd battle position after the tanks killed everything they could see from the 1st position. The 2nd stop was a bit closer to the town, this time on the right flank of the open field, just to the left of the road. It was another elevated position on a crop field and it was the same procedure: Cresting simultanously, killing every IFV in LOS. One of the tanks got hit though, by an enemy ATGM in the process and lost it's main gun. It was the only tank with LOS on this IFV, so the other tanks couldn't shoot back. I switched the damaged tank with one of the other tanks which then killed that IFV. I let one rifle platoon and the weapons platoon as well as coy HQ travel behind the tank platoon but kept them below the elevated positions. Only when the tanks where on their 2nd position I let the rifle platoon advance from behind the 2nd tank position which was just left of the road to the very left side of the town through low ground. But the mission was over before they reached the town. I let the other two rifle platoons advance on the road (one platoon on each side of the street in column formation). When they reached the bump on the street I let the first two IFVs of each platoon crest it. The two leading IFVs stopped behind the bump and the two trailing IFVs stopped on top of the bum, so they hat LOS and LOF above the leading IFVs to the end of the street. They spotted 1-2 enemy BMPs and a recce IFV which they all destroyed with their autocannons. From there I let the two platoons slowly advance on the road to the town, occasionally killing some enemies with their autocannons. By the time they reached the town the mission was won because the russians gave up. So I killed almost everything with my 4 tanks and some enemies with my IFVs on the road. I did not enter the town at all nor did I had to dismunt any of my troops. Those two attempts are still the best attempts I had on any mission in CMBS
  22. Check the wiki: http://combatmission.wikia.com/wiki/Bogging
  23. If there will be a CMFG a dream would become true for me. I really like that setting (big fan of OFP, WiC, Wargame and RSR), so besides new modules for CMBS I would really like to see BF developing CMFG.
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