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    Skwabie reacted to Wiggum15 in How's the A.I?   
    If you talk about the TacAI then its still bad and not really any better then in Shock Force.
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    Skwabie reacted to MethodGamer in Axis - CMBN Buying The Farm - Crowd-sourced DAR   
    IanL and I are trying a little experiment. We're going to play a CMBN mission with a DAR, but with a little twist: we'll be reading and commenting on each others' post as we're playing, and we invite everyone to post suggestions as well. Feel free to suggest strategies, tactics, orders, whatever you think we should do on our next turn.

    Here's a bit of background on how this experiment came about. IanL and I are very good friends in the real world. As the forum regulars will know, IanL is a pretty serious CM player. He's a very active member on these and other boards, he's very knowledgeable about the game, and he's even written software to help players get more out of the game. I, on the other hand, am not that experienced with CMx2. While I own just about every CM game released by Battlefront (even the CMx1 titles), I've probably played less than a dozen CMx2 missions, all of them almost exclusively against IanL. To say that I get regularly pummelled by him would be an understatement.

    During our last battle, we were discussing problems I was having as the defender. Clearly, everything was wrong: strategy, tactics, orders, etc. The chat eventually morphed into a broader discussion about how to get new players up to speed faster. Obviously, reading posts on the forums or on blogs (such as Bil Hardenberger's excellent Battle Drill) is a big help. But nothing really teaches something as complex as battle strategies and tactics like a skilled practitioner's experience. So we started comparing CM to other strategically and tactically complex games (like bridge or chess), and started thinking about how they train new players. One method they use is open play: a strong player plays against a newer player, and they talk aloud about what they're thinking and doing, and why. We thought this would be a good idea for CM, and that's how we ended up here.

    Here's how we're going to proceed. IanL and I will follow the usual DAR format; we'll each start a thread discussing the mission from our respective sides. We'll provide screenshots and our thoughts on what we're PLANNING on doing and why. But before we actually give orders and send the turns, we'll read, comment and take advice from everyone on the boards, including from each other. We'll normally post our plans, and give forum members 24 hours to provide advice before playing our turns.

    As mentioned in the inital paragraph of this post, if you have any questions or suggestions about anything we're doing, feel free to post. The idea here is to learn and get as much insight as possible into CMx2. There are a large number of skilled players, all with different strategies and tactics, tips and tricks, and I'd like to soak up as much as I can.

    And remember, this is an experiment, feel free to comment on this idea as well.
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    Skwabie reacted to JonS in Who Would have Guessed This 12 years Ago   
    *shhh*! We're having a fact-free nationalistic circle-jerk. Please do not intrude with your so-called "reality", or I'll set Kettler on you.
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    Skwabie reacted to Thewood1 in How does the damage system work for vehicles?   
    Graviteam seems to be more detailed in armor and at least as detailed in damage.  At least they show it.  I am not sure how anyone can claim CM is the most detailed when we have no idea how its done.
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    Skwabie reacted to agusto in Request to BFC Please Disable Emoticon Default   
    I think we need more variety.

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    Skwabie reacted to Nidan1 in T-90 tank documentary (2014 in Russian)   
    I would wager that most of those comments professing "worship" for a tank of all things are posted by 12 year olds.
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    Skwabie got a reaction from Los in US soldiers act like cowards ingame   
    yep don't trust the AI. I play real time so any AI stupidity is dealt with in a timely fashion. Also I usually set my troops to high soft stats just so that their pixelbrain don't go bloopers after a few bullets whizz by.
    "Listen to commander Skwabie and everything will be fine." Such is that my (v)propaganda machine constantly broadcasting to the pixeltruppens........
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    Skwabie reacted to Wiggum15 in Please NO Marines or NATO forces module !   
    Hi !
    I hope Battlefront does not plan any Marines or NATO forces module.
    I would not buy them, yes they have different tools but it would still feel the same (Ukraine, Summer, West vs. Russia).
    Also, it would feel kind of "cheap" do do a Marines/NATO module again, its most likely much less work because they already have the stuff from the Shock Force modules.
    What would be cool would be Separatist Module with lots of new scenarios and a winter/autumn landscape.
    Or a Crimea module about a fictional recapture attempt by the Ukraine military.
    What do you think about that ?
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    Skwabie reacted to c3k in Free Copy AAR: c3k vs DMS. No DMS.   
    Turn 10, final thoughts...





    So...Red 2 sweeps hard to my left. Blue 2 and 3 advance, but Blue 2 first are targets Kornet 2. Blue 1 area targets the DMS HQ for a bit, then moves to the shore. My sniper team rushes past White Squad to gain the corner near the 4-way intersection at the bridge. Eyes to protect the right of Blue 2...
    I hope you like me showing the detailed paths for Blue 3 and Red B. Pausing, facing, and movement speeds need to be considered when moving into ambush territory. Red B may get some (more) splash damage from any APS firings, so that'll be something to be cognizant of.
    In another turn or two, if nothing unexpected shows up, I'll be in position to rush some men across the bridge. Then, when I destroy whoever machineguns those men down, I'll rush some MORE men across the bridge. I expect the second effort to be successful. Then an Abrams (or two) will follow.
    Ken out.
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    Skwabie got a reaction from Vergeltungswaffe in Tactics for dealing with Russian Air Attacks   
    Grab that air force Lieutenant by the collars, fill yourself with rage and yell at him: "I want air support now!!!!"

    Provided one can't do that, I fire up the editor, and delete all air and air defense assets from both sides.

    If I wanted air, I go play flight sims. If I have control over air in CM, I'd never let those buggers near my ground troops. (and if I fail to achieve that, I still wouldn't rage because it's my own doing.)
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    Skwabie got a reaction from coffeeis4closers in The mighty IS-2   
    Real life data suggests upper frontal hull of IS-2(M/Late?) ~240mm LOS. Penetrations by 88L/56 can only occur on the turret or the lower front hull. But the AI aims center mass. Tiger armor does not stop a 122mm round at any practical range. Tiger I, 0 : IS-2 1.

    The 88mm has RoF advantage. 122mm has energy past armor advantage. Which means while the 88L/56 hits more often, more penetrating hits are needed to achieve a KO. Tiger I, 1 : IS-2, 2.

    So in total: IS-2 > Tiger I.

    It gets more interesting when comparing Tiger2 to IS-2. Neither can penetrate the other's upper frontal hull. Both can penetrate the other's lower frontal hull. The frontal turret of Tiger2 offers some resistence to the 122 round, resulting full to partial penetrations. The gun mantlet of Tiger2 provides no resistence against the 122mm at all (which is strange). The IS-2 turret provides no resistence against the 88L/71 round.

    The 122mm round still has advantage on energy past armor but not much. The 88L/71 has a better RoF.

    In total Tiger 2 > IS-2. (No points given because it's not as clear cut.)

    All evidence drawn from in-game tests.
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    Skwabie reacted to kohlenklau in Coming soon.   
    Skwabie! Absolutely no hard feelings at all! At the time I was going through a divorce and life was sucking. Now I have the energy and time and finally the computer to better enjoy this hobby.
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    Skwabie reacted to poesel in AI weirdness with tanks & bad weather   
    Sorry for going at it again but there is another aspect to this that is independent to bad LOS.
    TL;DR: the aiming penalty should not only add a delay to the gunner - it should also prevent turrets from turning towards the enemy
    Situation: I had Intel on the enemies location and the direction he was looking at. So I snug a M5 behind him to shoot him in the back:

    Again the targetting delay hit me and while my crew patiently waits...

    I still get the first shot out but now against the front turret and not the back. Not much difference for a IV but different story with the heavy cats. Also to consider: if the M5 would have shot immediately the IV might not have spotted him so fast (less eyes in the back). That may have given the M5 enough time (spotting+turning) to get out a second shot.
    IMHO the targeting penalty for tanks vs tanks in close range should go away.
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    Skwabie reacted to Pete Wenman in Blunting the Spear Campaign discussion "spoliers"   
    Ghostrider - good to read you are enjoying this. As Skwabie states there is a 6th mission already in the campaign - I'm not sure how you will have missed it.
    I made the large master map for missions 1-5 as well as then making the first two missions.
    I must admit they were challenging missions to make, given the need for them to be enjoyable and yet challenging for a wide range of players. The additional requirement to ensure that some Red Army forces exited the maps in good order was particularly tricky to get right. In the end I got it working pretty well for armour, but the infantry units stand little chance in getting off the map given the distance to be covered and open nature of the maps.
    I think it's fair to say that of all the missions I've made to date only one mission was harder to get right than these two, and that's in Black Sea so you'll have to wait for that one. 
    Deep Spoilers
    Both M1 and M2 have 19 x T-34 in play together with the 2 ATG on each map. These are different units and so in these two missions both are at full strength. To kill 13 and 17 of these respectively is probably as close to perfect as you can get, given some units start to move off map very early in proceedings, allowing for trigger placement and attacker options.
    Most comments on these two missions are regarding how tough they are, so if nothing else you show it can be done with minor German losses - a good result.
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    Skwabie got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Suggestion: "cowering" for exposed vehicle crews and passengers   
    I think we've had this problem for quite some time: halftrack and AFV crews getting killed by bullets, because they're unwilling (for AFV commander and HT gunner) or unable (HT passenger) to duck their heads under hails of bullets.

    I propose we introduce a suppression mechanism for exposed vehicle crews similar to infantry, but instead of reducing them to the state of "cower", vehicle crews will be prompted to "sit back" into their buttoned positions when under suppression. When the hails of bullets have stopped, they pop back up by themselves, with no player intervention: just like with cowered infantry.

    AFV commanders do button themselves up currently, but it is way too late. It looks like the game engine do not exert the same level of suppression to AFV crews compared to out-in-the-open infantry, as their suppression level only goes up when hit by a large enough cannon round. But for an unbuttoned TC or gunner, they should be treated like exposed infantry.

    And yes we can already do this for HT gunner and AFV commander with manual control, but apparently it is not in a timely fashion when a turn is in progress, and it is tedious when there're lots of vehicles under your command.

    For HT passenger, the space in the back of HT is cramped, so it would be uncomfortable for the riders to always hunch down. But they should... under bullet fire. When the bullet fire stops, they pop back up to stretch their limbs, which makes sense.

    And maybe it can even be copied to tank riders in CMRT. At least hunching down reduces their target cross section when getting shot.

    The details need to be hashed out for sure. Most obvious one: suppression level usually applies to an entire squad, but how to apply it only to the commander/gunner. Maybe the game engine can assume a split squad between him and the rest of the crew when an unbutton command is given... or something like that. It certainly requires some effort to implement this but I really hope BF can consider it for the next engine upgrade.
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    Skwabie reacted to GhostRider3/3 in Blunting the Spear Campaign discussion "spoliers"   
    So I have played this Campaign 3 times.  I found the maps ingeniously crafted.  and very difficult to spot almost anything from a distance, and found the Russian infantry most troublesome even after taking point blank HE fire from my tanks.
    #1. Radzymin "Across the Rzadza" Right Flank Attack.  Awesome map, nice little surprise with 3 T-34/85 in your rear if you don't spot them.  Getting across the River you will have to be patient.  The 2 AT guns are hard to spot.. even after 3 different artillery bombardments one was still operational and took out a Pz.IV tank.  The town across the river is integrated  with a lot of troops.. all packing SMG's.. so close in fighting is bloody at best.. even after 2 bombardments of heavy artillery its hard to dislodge the enemy or even break them. 
    In the end.. lost 1 Tank, 1 SPW 251/9 7KIA and 15 WIA. "Saving the game helps.."  Enemy 110KIA, 25WIA 13 T-34 and 2 trucks
    I performed a 2 Prong attack, Discovered the 3 Hidden Tanks in a Grove of Trees by one of my dismounted Platoons... The other side went through pretty much an empty town.. and the tanks dispersed on the far right side.  There was a brief Tank vs Tank engagement where we knocked out 4 T-34/85 in a clearing on the Right side of the map.. 2AT guns in a small wooded area.. was problematic and delayed my entire infantry and advance by about 30min. or more.  There was another brief tank engagement to across the River near the Rail line.. and in the town across the River... this is where I lost the SPW. and a couple crew men on 3 different tanks.. luckily I had 5 Panzers in Over watch  that quickly dispatched the T-34.85's.  The Town across the River was pounded by Tanks, and Artillery.. however this is where all my KIA, and most of my WIA occurred.
    #2.Radzymin Town and Rail Yard: Right Flank Attack:  Again Awesome map. 
    Again I performed a 2 prong attack.. however because you have to wait for KG Baker.. I was unsure of how I was going to do this at first.  Luckily I set up 2 tanks on the Far left set up area near a small farm hamlet.  surrounded by trees.. they would eventually take out 2 T-34/85 in a wood line adjacent the road.. my MRA  Main Route of approach through the suburbs and then into the City itself.  I sent an entire platoon of Pz. IV tanks to the far right to hook up with KG Baker and support that side.. which would be my Right Hook.. my main advance as I found the suburbs crawling with Infantry and tanks.. Lost 2 Vehicles in the suburbs, and 1 AFV (Halftrack).  Lost one of my PzIV tanks to the right flank.. as they have around 5 T-34/85 in perfect position covering the landscape up to the treeline and swamp area.  3 T-34/85 left the area where KG Baker initially arrived from.. I had gotten some of my tanks in position. by then and took them out..
    In Short it came down to house to house fighting in the city, point blank Tank fire and Artillery to extract the enemy from their positions.
    In the end I lost 2 Pz IV, 12KIA, 25WIA 2 Vehicles and 1 AFV..  the enemy 129KIA, 169 WIA or missing. 17 T-34 and 3 vehicles.
    #3 Dybow Kolonia Left Flank attack:  Another great map and the first use of the Panthers in mass.
    Again 2 Prong attack.. far left and far right.. the middle is obviously a killing Zone...  To make a long story short.. the T-34/85 can spot very good inside woods.. lol  something that my tanks cannot do.  Anyways. the Left side you will be surprised very quickly by two T-34's so use cover and the defilades as much as you can.. SMOKE is your friend.. and so is blasting suspected wood lines where there may be AT guns or Tanks.  USE your TRP as much as you can if you need to... the pre sighted TRP's are a godsend.
    Be wary of the wooded tree line to your right flank.. it looked suspicious in the beginning anyways.. so read your mission briefings.  I blasted it with heavy Artillery.. and when troops were spotted leaving.. I knew there was more there.. small tank engagement.. and lost a Panther.. close range.. about 500m  Range is your friend.. but they are so close to your set up area... also a crazy Duck shooting incident happened as on the Right flank about 6 or so T-34 were basically crossing the T if you will.. right in front of an entire Company of Panthers.. needless to say.. not one Russian tank survived the onslaught.
    The outcome was 12KIA 12 WIA, 2 vehicles 1 AFV and 1 Panther. (crew survived)  Enemy 101 KIA, 166 WIA or Missing, 33 vehicles, and 23 tanks destroyed. NOTE:  2 prong attack, used defilades, smoke for covering your advances, and flushing out the enemy.. there was a left Side tank engagement to the RIght side of the map.. T-34/85 hidden in the woods that can miraculously shoot out of a wooded area with great effect... although no Panther was destroyed.. the Panthers returned fire and won only because I brought more guns to bear per target.. Optics is the first thing to go..LOL even though the Germans could repair them in about 15min or less.
    #4 Attack on Cimene :  Right Flank Attack.. Damn.. Right Flank again....
    This was a short engagement... again a two prong attack..
    My losses were 5KIA, 5 WIA, and 2 AFV lost..   The enemy lost 26 KIA, 50 WIA or Missing, 22 Vehicles, 2 T-34/85 and 3 AFV.  
    NOTE:  Its obvious the main road is a Nightmare... and there was no way I was going down the road.. so I had the left side Prong take all Objectives. until I could secure the RIght flank itself.. it took a long time to get my Right side Flank to the town of Cimene, but there was a short crisp engagement.. and that was that.  First encounter with Su-85's and they took out a couple of my AFV's  but they are susceptible to Artillery.
    #5 Stary Jankow.  Left flank Attack:  This scenario is a REAL Mother..Focker.. LOL
    Again 2 Prong Attack.. far Left side, and Far Right side.
    Left Side.. 2 Platoon of Panthers, and 1 Company of Infantry.
    Right Side 2 Platoon of Panthers, 1 Company of Infantry, and also the Recon Platoon.  The Middle is covered by the remaining Panthers which really cant see crap.. sucky Over watch.. but I was not going to move much more forward as they said the enemy had TD's  which meant SU-85, SU-122 or ATG.
    Left flank.. All I can say is the 2 ATG in the fracking trench are SUPER HEROS.. the trench looked suspicious.. and had intermittent contacts there.. so I barraged them with 3 different bombardments of 120 and 81mm mortar fire.. yep they lived and took out two Panthers with 57mm ZIS guns.. and another Panther was rendered useless as the main gun was put out of action.  infantry attack.. they use canister shot.. the guns are flanked by a HQ SMG squad and a HMG on the right side.  It took the better part of a Platoon with Heavy casualties to succeed there.  WTF.. is all I had to say.. they can see you.. you can not see them.. even with infantry watching the place knowing they are there.. nothing.. you move. you die.. you still can not see them.. LOL  I had to have a beer after several saved games.  The Touch area.. on the Left side objective is covered by infantry in building and two short barreled well hidden Infantry guns that can possibly immobilze your tanks.. or kill crew very fast.. keep buttoned up.. and artillery the area.
    Right side is a disaster area.. LOL
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