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Free Copy AAR: c3k vs DMS. No DMS.


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Gents, others.


As stated here > http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117124-win-a-free-copy-of-cmbs/ the winner of the Free Copy and fight an AAR is DMS.


This thread is my AAR thread.




NO DMS!!!!


The battle parameters are: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117124-win-a-free-copy-of-cmbs/?p=1584749


Nothing matters except the bridge, and the two opposing commanders! To win, the commander must be on the bridge, outside his Humvee, at the end of the game.


The map:




DMS has decided that he wanted to pick which force (he chose Russians). I got to choose the setup zone. I chose Green, and US.


Before we go...


Grateful thanks to IanL for agreeing to set up the battle for us.





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Okay, first things first.


7,500 points? What was I thinking? That's not a lot. Not by a stretch. I was imagining a multi-company engagement with arty and air. All inside of 30 minutes. Sigh. I'm not a big QB player. And it shows. 7,500 points buys a single understrength company.


My plan...I want to bombard DMS' setup zone, as allowed, in the second minute of the game. :) That's just to piss him off! Once he's off his equilibrium, it will be that much easier to topple him! Also, I need something to fight his Tunguskas. Of COURSE he's going to buy some. Wouldn't you?


Also, I'll lay some smoke on his side of the bridge, so I can get my commander on it.


Based on my self-imposed point austerity, all I can afford is a 4 piece 120mm mortar platoon. So, that's in.


For combat power, I've got 2 Bradley (APS) mech platoons, but understrength. 2 tracks, 2 squads, each platoon.


A third platoon is made up 3 elite APS Abrams. Hey! C'mon, it's MY AAR! ;) These are the guys I'm counting on. Elite, highly motivated, +2. Even if their tank gets destroyed, I'm gonna ammo them up and send them in. They told me that's how they want it.


A company HQ ties together the three platoons, adds an FO (to call in the mortars), and is mounted in an ERA Brad.


Between the Abrams, the Brads' TOW missiles, and the Javelins, Ima gonna blow stuff up!!!


Oh, I've added a little razzle dazzle. Since DMS will be looking for a Humvee, I added 3 more. Each stuffed with an elite .338 lapua sniper team. Yeah, these are the "snatch victory from the jaws of defeat" guys. If DMS manages to get his commander near the bridge, I'm going to have 3 sniper teams in overwatch waiting to perforate the bridge of his nose. Ouch. That metaphor hurt nearly as much as .338 Lapua does. The Humvees should confuse him. The snipers should screw him. Yeah, it's my "Screwed and confused" tactic. They teach this at Sandhurst. Or they should.


Oh, I tossed Mk19 grenade launchers onto the top of the Humvees. Because otherwise they look naked.


Pix in a bit.



Ken out.

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" To win, the commander must be on the bridge, outside his Humvee, at the end of the game."

Cue the Rocky music ... gloves come off on the bridge ;)


"3 elite APS Abrams. Hey! C'mon, it's MY AAR! ;) These are the guys I'm counting on. Elite, highly motivated, +2"

Don't light the victory cigars just yet... DMS may have a parallel 'gonna blow stuff up!' plan ... maybe using Elite, highly motivated, +2  Tunguskas n such :)


Great "razzle dazzle" plan Ken! I'd keep your triumphant big kahuna CO near one Humvee with a Mk19 grenade launcher on the top... just in case he needs to use it  to "snatch victory from the jaws of defeat"... helps to launch small bombs mechanically :)


I am sure you have instilled in your pixeltruppen the divine directive -  Better to die gloriously than look bad ;)


Fire it up... Attack! :D

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I have few tactical tenets I follow. However, those that I do follow, are the bedrock of victory. I shall, against my better judgement, share them.


1. My men need to attack the enemy to win.

2. If my men are shooting, they may not have the enemy nearby. It could be wasted ammo.

3. If my men are being shot, then they have found the enemy.

4. If my men are bleeding, then they are doing their job of engaging the enemy.


Therefore, as long as my men are falling, I am winning.


I hear the voices of the naysayers muttering their usual deprecatory insults. But I also notice that every time I look for men for my next battle, I see YOUR men inside my machine, trying to get my attention. Oh, yes, they smell victory in the offing as much as I do.


Now, I must prepare for my pre-battle speech. The one which will fill my men with such fervor that nothing will make them swerve from their purpose. I may copy something from Mel Gibson in "Braveheart". Or maybe some lyrics. Perhaps Beyonce?


I'm off!



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Good force choice c3k. I would have chosen the same set up (2 Bradley platoons and 1 M1A2 platoon). I love idea of buying 3 humvees to confuse him :D. That is really mean. I cant wait for him to kill one of them humvees and boast about it in his thread. Does your company have an organic UAV? The RQ-11 is quite cheap, only 419 points IIRCs. Also, did you buy any anti-air weapons or do you just hope you wont need any?

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Well, I had to chop a LOT off my force to meet the 7500 cap. One of the chopped was the  400 point Raven drone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. But, I really wanted 2 squads per platoon, minimum. That meant 2 Brads, each platoon. (Javs, mobility, 25mm chaingun, APS, TOW.)


Each Abrams was 1,000 points. That's what I get for not checking qb points before tossing down a challenge. I had to drop from 4 to 3 Abrams. That really hurt. I want PAIRS of units to support one another. One pair watches, one pair moves. 3 tanks hurts...


IanL is taking our QB purchases and transferring them into the battle. Once I get that file, I'll take screenies and post more.


Meantime, from the archives... http://community.battlefront.com/topic/109152-white-manor-aar-c3k-as-allies/


Presented for your enjoyment while we wait. :)  (If you get the chance, sfhand is a pleasure to have a game with.)



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"Now, I must prepare for my pre-battle speech. The one which will fill my men with such fervor that nothing will make them swerve from their purpose..."


Killer idea!  Incentivize ... galvanize their fate... arouse their passions much like the Motorhead vid. or an alternate tactical choice... clear and calm knowledge of consequences ... as Disciples of Swami c3k they must meditate with their leader pre-battle to assure they do not not exceed lambda ... because any with excess failures per hour know will be offered in sacrifice ... on the bridge ;) and miss out on the Attack! :D

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Wow... With those victory conditions and points, I wonder how many snipers you could purchase...   one bullet would ruin their commander's day.  


Your commander, a ton o' snipers, couple of FO's, and a ton o' off board arty to pummel the area to wipe defenders and obscure the VL at the end as you scurry your commander to the bridge. Gaminess abounds!!!

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The game is afoot!


Pix, because it's easier to see...





This is my setup zone and my forces. I've got 3 platoons (2 mech inf, 1 tank) under a coy hq. Attached to the coy hq are 3 Humvees with snipers. Over them all is me. The bridge, boxed, is the goal...



In the endgame, I foresee some close in swarming around the bridge. My setup zone gives me an advantage.




These buildings overlook the bridge. (Remember, DMS had the choice of choosing setup zones or force: he chose force.) As much as they look nice, I'm anticipating CLOUDS of smoke... I don't think long range shots will be possible.


Also, since DMS took Russians, the river won't be much of an obstacle. I'm sure he'll go amphib, and try to work the flanks and rear.


Here's an overview...





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The very rough outline of a plan is to gain some overwatch, push a swarming force into the village, and try to control the battle from a distance. The overwatch forces will attrit him down, the swarmers will, err, swarm the bridge. I may be able to hide amongst them. I mean "stride" amongst them.




Getting on the FAR side of the bridge, then working back, may be better than trying to advance across it at the end. Shrug.


Here are some LOS vantages...

















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More on my forces...


First, let's look at me.




The QB purchase TOE are different (more granular) than the in-game editor. So, I had to purchase a Task Force. That has an HQ as an Abrams. Much as I would like to ride in one onto the bridge, DMS would cry foul. Sheesh. So, I destroyed the Abrams (the editor is all powerful). That puts the XO in command. That's how Ian and I got this done.


More forces...




The point cap made it difficult to allocate units. So, as described, I stripped the AT teams out of one squad per platoon and tossed them in the HQ track. That's a lot of eggs in one ERA basket. Shrug. Their lives are immaterial. Another "oops": the Humvees are recce Humvees. Shouldn't be. That adds the LRAS device. Not worth much except as a bullet shield.


Of course, I need to motivate my men. So, I've copied my pre-battle motivational speech. Copy it if you want. It works quite well.





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LOL... More in-depth later.


My initial plan is to seize the observation points I circle, upstream, with Abrams and my 2 Jav teams. I've ordered the Abrams, as a platoon, up near the red circle. The HQ track is golden, and like a golden egg, has much of value in it. It's rushing up to the green circle area to drop off the 2 Jav teams. Then, the Jav teams will work whichever way seems best. Meantime, my Doom Platoon and I are rushing out of the setup zone, roughly following the blue arrow, from above.


Red and White are going in between 3rd Platoon and Doom Platoon. It's a gamey objective rush.


I want to get out of the setup zone, fast. If I can get some men into the town, I can exert power on the bridge before DMS. That's why I dropped a linear fire mission along the road from his setup zone to the bridge, and have the Abrams going to the OP. I need to slow DMS down. Or, at least, make the obvious path non-viable.


I expect him to flank me on my right. What am I doing about that? For now...nothing. I'll get eyes on his escarpment. If he comes down into the valley, the shadow of death be on him! ; )


My plan involves infilitrating the town, and then, at about 20 minutes in, dropping smoke on the far side of the bridge. A platoon of men will escort me onto the bridge, and then the mayhem will really begin!


My turn has been sent. The die is cast. Etc.

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The first turn...


My planned arty:




Hey, as long as nothing goes long, it's all legal. :) Or so. No way to keep DMS penned in, but I hope to make him adjust his moves. Into the town, or around his right flank all are okay. Just not a bridge rush.


Here's my at start...




Tanks to the hill in front, Brads to its right, Humvees toward the green field on the right. Gotta get out of the pen.




Immediately, he starts pounding the high ground. He doesn't want me there? Hah! It's like a magnet to me! Keep sending the HE, DMS, and I'll keep shoving my men at it! My Brad gets lased totally unexpectedly. I didn't think anything could have LOS to that spot so soon. Hmmm, Space Marines?



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