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  1. OTOH I played it some 3 times, and the combined arms of 88 HE from the immobile tiger and infantry utterly destroyed my opposition.
  2. kohlenklau hey, I hope there're no hard feelings.... my free time just seems too sporadic to commit to a schedule with another workmate. I suspect a campaign is going to take even more time, but reading the credits at least all the BFC campaigns are team efforts, also division of labor is easier coz you can work on different scenarios. Hopefully someone with more time at the leisure and willing to commit them to CM is the right one for the job. Wish you good luck!
  3. yepp... I wait another 4 years before all the modules are released, all the bugs ironed out, and the whole thing is on sale with a bundle. skwabie <-- playing it cool
  4. Fine... be like that. ChrisND can we open a virtural bar around here to help these bored ppl....
  5. I don't get it... Why's everybody waiting twiddling thumbs and talking politics around here. 2 weeks after CMBS gets released, you'll start doing the same thing in BF's next product forum:rolleyes: It's pointless. I say crank up CMSF, beat the sh*t outta the virtual Syrians and have some fun:cool: Besides, CMBS will be new, it will have bugs; SF is a very mature product and the rough edges have all been sanded off. Nothing like a piece of solid hassle-free software. Well.. for me at least.
  6. Why...dark, they did kill the Tiger right? Spoilers please.
  7. are all Russian media controlled by state? I thought that ended in 1990. hmmm... ok wiki does provide some info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_the_press_in_Russia
  8. thanks for another great set of mods Kieme. proposing to BFC to postpone CMBS so we can fully enjoy SF first:D
  9. I think the aircraft in Red thunder is specific to the ww2 setting. the use in BN/FI was inherited from SF and appeared 'too modern'. nothing will be too modern in 2017 again... just my own thought + what was written on the foras tho.
  10. love it. last roars of the gas turbines too probably..
  11. Thanks and nice to hear Chris!! Keep up the good work! Meanwhile more search for me to discover what's in store for us:)
  12. starting to speculate the newer to&e here. personally more interested in tanks, i think it is safe to assume we'll see the SEP v2 Tusk 2 abrams? also there's talk of the ECP upgrade. in addition to use Tusk by default there's mention of new armor solution and counter IED devices. http://www.armyrecognition.com/weapons_defence_industry_military_technology_uk/u.s._army_research_and_development_for_main_battle_tank_m1_abrams_under_ecp_program_0411121.html more in this thread by Damian90 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?207385-M1-Abrams-tanks-modernisation-proposa
  13. Looking forward to the campaign Mr. X, always love 'em tigers!
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