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  1. Battlefront.com, Now that you've posted your sources, everybody can see exactly how much overlap there is. Cutout? Empty? Unless I am blind. Yes I have issues, with the Man. Everywhere. Some ppl like to cater head over heels for authority but I don't feel that way. Unless this game becomes more transparent and open, I'll always have a problem with it. This thread has taken 5 pages so far. There have been plenty of 20 pagers before. What happens next time someone else finds something? As to my own fix, it is of course half-assed, because there are no tools for making proper fixes. Suppose there
  2. I am saying there isn't. I am not saying there isn't because of what I say. I have presented pictures from credible sources. You are saying there is a hole. You are saying this is because of what you say. You are saying credible sources are incorrect and you have not presented other credible sources except your word of mouth. The CM fanatics will believe those but I think there is a limit. Re: my mod. I don't consider it "realistic" either. But I'm happy to use it, that's all. And I certainly ain't justifying it to others. Maybe some will find it useful or acceptable, some will find it rejecta
  3. We.. sigh. Obviously in this case, even armor thickness is not as straightforward.
  4. ^They have not yet presented hard facts, only word of the mouth. It is and has always been good PR work from a business, but still just words. So sorry that I do not share the "blind trust" of you CM fanatics. And as this thread has shown, trust is a little thin on the internet. Also my doubt does not only come from here, but also past tests by others that reveals a few of the hidden data points. And at the basic level I do not like opaque systems. Another point. You seem to think a game can just copy whatever the real life value to put it into the game. Well such is easy for armor thickness.
  5. ^Numbers are generalized. The pighead mantlet is of complex shape, so if a number just says 150mm at 13deg, it certainly is generalized. There would need pictures and detailed measurements. We have not seen those detailed numbers and even pictures are scarce. The Jentz book does have cutoff drawings, but I suppose they can just say "that is also not correct" as well. TLAR is... "That Looks About Right"
  6. Vanir, I actually find that soviet picture adding to confusement. The trunion has what looks like a ring and that seemed taken off by the soviets. So it makes the opening seem larger than it is. Battlefront: So, you are basically saying Jenz is incorrect and Vanir is incorrect but CM's version is right?! What sources are Charles working off of? I just wonder and hope it's not TLAR. Ofc, it is your game and your "rules". But I happen to not like them. And because of the "never, ever, ever...", I will not be happy by playing your game. I was happier however by using my makeshift mod. This is the
  7. OK, Ninja'd. You could have weighed in sooner, Vanir. Do you have a take/source on the Kingtiger mantlet scheme?
  8. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/91523-battlefront-the-game/?page=2#comment-1188202 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/98774-game-development-becomes-slower-each-lustrum/#comment-1294687 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/92283-i-wonder/#comment-1197909 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/72118-fan-made-points-system/?page=3#comment-1147257 And there're many more like that. Do BF ever consider making the game database more transparent to end users? Where players wouldn't be able to change them, but just be able to see them? ...Never mind. I have read many like that as well!
  9. The mantlet thickness is indeed problematic, an 85mm shell can go through the "dish" portion (wasn't APCR, checked in scen author mode). But more importantly the dish portion is where the turret and mantlet overlap, and no WW2 era shell should be able to go through it. And the real problem here should not be data -- even if the "dish" thickness is only mistakenly set at 10mm, penetrations by 85mm shouldn't have happened. But rather it should be damage engine, does the engine take into account both layers of armor into account. I have ran a few tests with sherman 76s where mantlet and turret fr
  10. The early age of computer gaming. It was the wild west. Now the latest I've read, there's this evil/disgusting concept of "internet sovereignty". Puters and webs are gradually coming to the main stage. And more and more regulated too. And your previous post did not refer to what game you were talking about. And even if I somehow did allude to the understanding that you were talking about another game, I understand it's mostly dead so there's not much point unless... theme of the day is nostalgia. Well you did jump in on the 4th page... Last time I was here was something like 9 months ago, so
  11. Well, HvH was never on my radar. For a singleplayer/modding mindset, if you discover something and not share it, you're considered selfish. So I guess there's a culture gap there. Had lotta MP in the past with other games which have free modding, but the MP were co-ops and not competitive, so it was never a forefront issue. My problem is with the nature of public forum. Ppl go to it for drama, negativity and ego. It's just how it is i suppose. Maybe it is interesting for some... And none of your imagined "hacking" is doable, you fear what you don't know and I imagine how the mod works isn't ea
  12. Passing as well. Waiting for CMx3. The x2 titles seem more of the same.....
  13. Yea seen it, actually not bad at all. Also saw this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1883092/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 I think both are very anti-war while they're war movies, which is nice.
  14. I don't even think that far. It would be great, if only the settings are just visible to the player. But it have been many times requested and denied far as I can read.
  15. ^Yeah no it's not a good "approach", as I have said. But it is actually quite ok for myself, and if you wanna try something better by all means.
  16. TigerI and panther is indeed empty behind. TigerI's caveat is mantlet edge backed by 100mm+ turret armor. Tigerii's using saukopf mantlet similar to those of jagdpanzer, jagdpanther and some stugiii and is a separate piece from turret front. Stuck at work again but can upload some pics from jentz' book when back.
  17. Ok purely from a game engine standpoint, I think the Sherman would be more acceptable to most, it also has overlayed mantlet + turret front and I can run a small test later. ~90mm mantlet and flat unlike Tiger2's complex conical saukopf, don't expect any bounces say 75L/48 @ 750-1000m so shouldn't take long. Don't have v3.0 though so won't have hit decals.
  18. The original report is obviously in my first few posts. The detailed statistical testing, historical reference and the convincing of everybody will have to come later. There're a few pictures in the Jentz book to contradict the "hole behind the mantlet" theory. More detailed reference I'm gonna shop some books online and have them shipped here which would take time.
  19. Pretty sure it was outta proportion dayz ago But I consider we're just talking for talking's sake now, like a chat. Or a pissing contest, whatever it might lead to. It is after all a public forum.
  20. I haven't done much if any... But perhaps I'm able to explain which is rather quite simple, the game is designed as unmoddable, the game database is hardcoded in the .exe files, like armor thicknesses, gun penetration data, etc. The exception is textures which is only eye candy. As a result, there's no need to worry about cheating. If one is super paranoid though there are I suppose super hackers that can reverse engineer executables, But I think that is tin foil hat land and even not, those ppl surely have better things to do than hacking a video game. There are however other problems with op
  21. I certainly did read, your original point 1 was criticizing the open modding structure of PzC using Wittman's uber tank as an example, stating that it is wrong to give it uber stats resulting it destroying the game play experience. You didn't mention you did change it after. And should I say this proves that it does not destroy game play experiences, except for those that don't wish to be resourceful in the least degree but only like to complain. Your problem with multiplayer was expressed in point 2, which I replied that if a game supports both MP and modding nowadays there would usually be a
  22. It is very obvious that you have a strong faith in CM, Ian.Leslie. But I believe everything is made by man and is unavoidable to contain errors; Also I suppose that purely from a HvH competition standpoint, it doesn't really matter if the system is correct, as long as everyone is subject to the same one. But in singleplayer it is perhaps somewhat opposite. Sadly I do not. Here democracy did not win. I suppose it is why I have such a strong feeling about it... I can only say... be careful what you wish for. As for bug reporting, I've done plenty in the past for another game (and believed,
  23. Was way too busy with work to reply. Firstly, the real TigerII mantlet area is 337mm LOS thickness (150mm@13deg mantlet + 180mm@10deg turret). In CM, since the turret armor is discarded by game engine, it is only 150mm of mantlet armor. With my edit, it is only 180mm of turret. So it's either one or the other and neither of which reaches the thickness of the RL value. How is this exactly like puffing a WW2 TigerI ace tank to a super space fortress? Secondly, if JonS does not like the mod, he can 1. adjust the mod to his own liking - since PzC can be openly edited, nothing stops him from doing
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