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  1. Gott ins himmel! this thing is still here! I'm meant Seanachai of course not the MBT specifically.
  2. Being the boob that you are and also from Ohio, which may excuse from time to time your dimmer posts. I will overlook your lack of recognition of subtle irony displayed by the mis-spelling of the word Hiyawatha. Anyhoo, the land of Hiyawatha is not far from the Shining Big Sea Waters.
  3. What's a busket list? Is that something that people from the land of Hiyawtha make before going shopping?
  4. http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/samsclub/0003338365021_A?wid=1500&hei=1500&fmt=jpg&qlt=80 Is that you......sburke??
  5. There is a reason for that......have you ever looked at your beloved pet dog in the face as you talked to him. His head tilts from side to side as he recognizes your words, his eyes shine with a crystal-like twinkle, and you just know he understands everything you are saying. Well when talking with Boo you get none of those satisfying hints of recognition, sort of like reading a love poen to a head of lettuce.
  6. Hiya Patch . Please do something neat with Heckle and Jeckle and poopy hats. Show these twits what its all about!!
  7. Emrys has never even been a Squire, let alone an exhalted Knight or even a Knight of any kind exhaulted or otherwise. I'm surprised Shaw didnt make that point, but we all know his mental acumen has increasingly faded over the years. If you ever expect to raise your status here young Panzer Mike, you had better study up on MBT history and lore.
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