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  1. Israeli invasion of Lebanon as a crossover between Cold War and Shock Force modules 😉
  2. About a year ago or so I played a SF scenario against Chieftain. He gave up and seemed to be pretty frustrated because his troops didn't respond as intended. As an ex tanker he was plotting some elaborate vehicle moves an they just don't work very well given the issues with the pathfinding. Maybe he cooled down since then and got a new perspective on the game? 😉
  3. Congratulations on getting out of you comfort zone! I can't wait for Steve engaging with average customers on the Steam forum 💖
  4. That's pretty obvious, at least to me. It's not some teenager YT channel.
  5. My number one wish is to have working and realistic pathfinding routines or at least being able to give "follow the road" order to a group of vehicles. In my current game I've received a company size tank reinforcements. Now I have to give a detailed movement orders to every single vehicle, just to make sure that they arrive ok to the frontline. It's completely mundane, boring and unproductive task. It often makes me quit the scenario that I was excited about, because I feel that I'm better off reading a book or watching a series than repeating over and over this exercise.
  6. A Russian politician wants to prosecute a German journalist, who questions the Russian interpretation of the Prokhrovka Battle. https://www.urdupoint.com/en/world/germany-should-prosecute-author-of-article-ab-666246.html?fbclid=IwAR1MZP-SbPnOnaPLmHq-dvO4jl8vOLo_fyldaztfw7QePilocXI9K3nwunw Here the original article in German: https://www.welt.de/geschichte/zweiter-weltkrieg/article196544633/Rote-Armee-1943-Fotos-beweisen-Kamikaze-Angriff-russischer-Panzer.html?fbclid=IwAR2SKBOGp_KyNbBpoqSBTKh9xyy9H2LH_fuDAaAy8snOptgXT6OZuUhOLO8 A newly found image taken at the Prokhorovka battlefiled:
  7. It would make a complete sense, for example to maintain the credible deniability. Those "freedom fighters" imported from Russia knew too much and after the main hostilities ended, they become superfluous. I really doubt that the Ukrainians had capabilities, that would allow them to take down the separatists leaders - this would be the less likely probability for me. It could be Russia, but most likely they were killed in mafia style score settings, since in the post war reality, they effectively become the ring leaders of criminal organisations. Remember Arkan from the Bosnian War? He was also
  8. I'm reading a book about the Aegean campaign of 1943. Who knew that in late 1943 the Germans conducted successful airborne operation and defeated the British thanks to... the air superiority... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Churchills-Folly-Cassell-Military-Paperbacks/dp/0304366552 I'm posting it here to encourage the modders to look at this campaign. It would fit perfectly into the CMFI scope.
  9. Yep, me too. Let's hope that finally it will be more than 8.
  10. Is that the case? That's 50% less content than GL module.
  11. Take care Chris. Let me know when you're ready. I hope you'll recover soon.
  12. I just go myself an ebook for free. Can you believe that?! Thank you Sir!
  13. Creating 3D models is probably one of the most expensive parts of making a computer game. So given the Battlefront's limited resources, hoping that they will invest their time and $ in some secondary units, is a pipe dream.
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