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  1. I read that Pete removed a second launcher after complaints from the beta testers.. I found it hard enough with just one hidden unit. I appreciate that artillery is not as accurate as laser guided munitions but I had a really hard time getting on target with my mortars.. maybe I was doing it wrong..
  2. After many many attempts and an awful lot of learning by doing (no real life military experience), I am proud to say that I have finally completed the first scenario 'An August Morning'... It wasn't easy and I wish I had the time to write an AAR but the mission was so intense and I was so concentrated that I completely lost myself in the mission and forgot to take any screenshots. Thanks to the information shared here and, after watching a few playthroughs on YouTube, I figured out a plan and positioned my MGs carefully so that they could provide cover while I sent in a split team of
  3. With lots of saving, and deactivating Aris' Graphic FX Mod Compilation (which I doubt was responsible), I was able to get through the training at last! So much to learn.. so little time..
  4. It did this before I updated to v4 too though.. I have just updated to v4 2.10, will try again..
  5. Hello, I have updated my CM:BS to v4 and it is running noticeably smoother, which is great. I am still trying to complete the tutorial however, which is crashing repeatedly on the final mission, where you move through the forest and attack the city. Are there any known bugs that would cause this final mission to crash after 30 odd minutes every time? Apart from this, CM:BS and CM:BN appear to run fine. Thanks. Toby
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