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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, So i might be wrong about this but the at 13 for the russians don't seem to have thermal optics? What literature I can find online(granted it's not russian) points to it having a thermal optic (think it was the 1PBN something). I know there's the metys m1 which is the upgraded variant of the metys m but that comes with a beefier missile, don't think that adds anything to the launching post itself. Not sure if I am looking at the right or wrong thing.
  2. got a few questions about the bmp2 weapon choice by the ai when engaging targets. What exatly As shown in the picture below i caught a bradley out in the open and the bmp just stood there trying to use it's atgm at the bradley when the 30mm on it is quite capable of shredding the bradley at that range. The weapons choice of the AI seems really strange at times. It does the least optimal thing. I checked los and there really is no obstruction. The bmp itself isn't damaged or anything and the crew isn't shocked. So i have no clue why the bmp just stands there waiting for five seconds while it should be opening up with the autocannon. the bradley spotted me after 5-6 seconds and he did the right thing of opening up with the autocannon. I feel like this is a problem with the bmp(the bmp3 to be precise) in black sea too. It's choice of weapons seems really strange especially at close ranges https://drive.google.com/file/d/1suUftp52cfgOUL6V-sDFF2XPNyRV6gsI/view?usp=sharing
  3. Quick question. Do choppers always unload with missiles on armour? Cause in black sea this sounds like a bad idea in black sea since every us vehicle has aps. I was playing one of the scenarios which involved stopping an armoured push by the us. Now four choppers were available to me from the start so i started the match with heavy shelling of the expected start location of the americans(to supress any stinger teams) and immediately calling out all the four choppers. The results were dismal cause all the missiles were intercepted by the aps(lots of armour,lots of aps). The second time was much better. The choppers had already expanded their missiles and switched to strafing with atuocannons. I counted at least six bradleys and two abrams knocked out. Now sure the missiles did waste a lot of the aps charges on the vehicles but i would rather deal with fewer bradleys and abrams down at my main defensive line instead of multiple(even if they don't have their aps). I mean from a pilot's point of view it makes perfect sense to just start with the atuocannons since i can see everything has aps and the enemy doesn't seem to have any anti-air so strafing has minimum risk
  4. Hi, Just had a few questions about how the bmp 3 chooses it's weapon for engaging different targets. The bmp3 right now has a really bad habit of opening up on tanks with the autocannon while it clearly has a far better choice of the atgm right there. I was playing one of the russian campaigns and got a spot on a ukranian t64 bv. now that doesn't have a laser warning receiver and so i thought cool the bmp will launch an atgm and that will be the end of that. If it still doesn't go down then the autocannon should be enough to mop up. but the bmp just wastes about 5 seconds using the autocannon by which point the tank spots it, shoots and then the bmp decides to use the atgm. shot connects, missile connects, both dead. I feel like the bmp refuses to use the missile much at all unless the engagement range is very long. By the way the tank was literally out in the open and the bmp (zero subsytem damage) crew was a veteran crew and so i don't think the risk of the missile hittting terrain comes into play.
  5. Hi, Just a quick question. Before we start of i am relatively new to cm. been playing a lot of the scenarios in sf2. is there some sort of bug with the gill atgm for the dutch. it seems like when vehicles are located at some sort of a depression/at an angle, the missile keeps on landing right behind them. i had this thing pop up like crazy in the dutch scenario back on tracks i believe. i launched four missiles one after the other at the same tank and they all landed right behind it. distance was well within the hitting range(slightly above 1000m) of the gill and the atgm team had a clear los to it. I was launching it from a tower. The same problem popped up in the mission where you have to defend the town(same campaign) from a syrian mech force. this time it was around 750m. i launched four atgms from two teams and they all landed right behind it. Not sure what's happening. i know these things do miss sometimes but consecutive misses like this are strange
  6. NOTEs: 1. This is a scenario, "First Clash", about 5 mins in 2. I haven't personally observed (granted,I haven't been paying attention) if the BMP-3M fires its ATGMs in quick battles. 3. I have not checked any other BMPs. Ukrainian BTR-4Es do fire their ATGMs, and very effectively too.
  7. Here's a long awaited proof that the BMP-2 is able to fire it's ATGM to a good effect against an enemy tank. It took it about 10 seconds to fire the ATGM, since moment the tank had been spotted. subir fotos subir fotos subir fotos
  8. Kornet looks deadlier in real life compared to game :-)
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