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  1. Just started the Campaign after a long time being away from the game: Recce units, when dismounted from Fenneks, do not carry radios. What kind of Recce is this?
  2. Can some one positively attest that he has killed an enemy tank with armor precision rounds in CMSF2? After dozens and dozens of cases they seem to completely harmless on T-72s
  3. Has the no reinforcements arriving issue in mission "Flirting with Disaster" has been resolved. I updated to 2.04 and hit my save from summer but it looks still unresolved
  4. Can someone attest positively that Marines get reinforcements in Flirting with Disaster mission, at the most recent USMC campaign version ? The post from Battlefront on the matter was ambiguous and I don't want to restart and be found at exactly the same position
  5. Form my experience so far: 1) German Observers cannot order artillery missions beyond 1000 meters - (Observation based on Al Bab mission of German Campaign. Not sure if it applies to all spotters) 2) US soldiers tend to overuse handguns in close quarters instead of assault rifles. 3) Syrians tend to abandon positions in buildings and run into the open if they are hit by artillery or HE or high caliber (over 20mm) fire. This is pure stupidity as it makes them much mover vulnerable. In general the AI tends to retreat more easily than CMSF1 which makes missions much easier
  6. Based on the 1st mission of the Dutch Campaign: No they don't
  7. Apologies to bring this back. Is there a definitive answer on the questions above? I would like to revert to the Marines Campaign, but if I were to start it over, I would hate it to be a "Deja vu all over again"
  8. My observations were for Precision -> Armor. I had many instances of a direct hit (I am not debating the accuracy - I am talking only about the rounds that they hit the target). None of the hits resulted in killing a Syrian Tank. But as I said, I might have been just unlucky.
  9. Probably this (of the extreme version). Was your kill with "Armor" rounds?
  10. I am wondering if anyone has managed to kill a Syrian tank with precision artillery (armor). Not me, after having spent around 15 rounds in numerous occasions many of which were direct hits. I suspect a glitch because these are too many events to be a coincidence.
  11. 1.Has the reinforcement issue in Semper Fi "Flirting for Disaster" been fixed in the latest patch? 2. If so, would one have to replay the campaign from the beginning or just start the specific mission from the beginning
  12. - Syrian tanks and BMPs turn instantly towards incoming projectiles as if they were "high tech" Black Sea units. - infantry that, after receiving fire, decides to abandon current position and run for a safer place, often chooses a path TOWARDS the direction of enemy fire instead of away from it!
  13. AAA guns and portable AA missiles are too strong, if you ask me.
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