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  1. New campaign system. I know this will NEVER happen, but I'm digging the idea of a Combat Mission operational-level title with a campaign system akin to Graviteam Tactics. In short, basically Total War Karkhov 1942-1943, and I know for a fact there are die-hard Total War junkies here.
  2. Always thought the Stug in this photo looked like it was trying to be a greyhound recce vehicle.
  3. Thanks, TJT - feeling like quite an idiot now, but got my answer. Happy battlin'!
  4. I've played every CM game since Overlord (except for Afghanistan) and this is the first time I've posted here (from memory, at least). So here's the request: Any chance of being able to toggle on/off the coloured objective zones? They're necessary for someone like me in order to keep track of the objectives, especially when there are quite a number, but, to be honest, staring at bright green squares throughout each mission tend to drag me out of the feeling of 'being there', which CM does such a great job of doing. Just a thought, whilst waiting for the Ardennes.
  5. Thank you Aris. I've been wanting to see this given 'the treatment' for a while now. Cheers!
  6. I wouldn't say no to a nice Jagdpanther... Whatever floats yee boat, Aris. Thank you lots, and keep 'em coming!
  7. These are popping out faster than I expected. Of course, no complaints...
  8. Those are some pretty baby-faced Tommies there, Mord. Mod looks great, of course, but is there any chance we'll see some 'War Ravaged Britons' soon? My lads be battle-hardened, etc. Thanks mate!
  9. That would be a great scenario, yeah! First mission of a campaign perhaps?
  10. Ha! Great work. I think you're the first customer to throw a video of CW forces onto youtube, yeah?
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