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  1. Hello! Has anybody tried Combat Mission on a Macintosh M1?
  2. Outside it's snowing, and I'm re-reading "Rundstedt Sends His Best" AAR. I'm missing Bud comic AARs. Maybe, with the new module for CMFI....
  3. amidali:

    The mod is ready for release. Except-We (CMFDR and myself) need the small icon reference and readme translated into Italian. We want a readme and icon key in English, French and Italian.

    Would you be able to do it? I have it in a small zip file and I can send you the link to download. The documents are not very big.

  4. Hi 11) Engineer/Pioneer - In italian, Genio has 2 meanings (Genius OR engineering, depending on the context). So: PLOTONE GENIO is correct 8) Ammo Bearer - The Italian Infantry squad had 18 men organized into a gruppo fucilieri (8 men) and a gruppo mitragliatori (8 men). The "gruppo mitragliatori" (Light machine gun Group) had 4 ammunition bearers, called PORTA MUNIZIONI (see: Italian Platoon Diagram). IMHO, you could use this symbol.
  5. Oh dear! I'm learning a lot of things about my country... // -------------------------------------------------- P.S Translation: 1) Platoon diagram symbols: -Comandante di plotone (Platoon commander) -Comandante di squadra (Squad commander) -Graduato (Corporal) -Fuciliere (Rifle Soldier) -Porta munizioni (Ammo-bearer) 2) 6078-military-symbols-redux: -Compagnia carri M (Medium tank M13-M14 Company) -Compagnia carri L (Light tank Company. The Renault R 35 was considered a light tank) -Compagnia semovente 75/18 (Self-propelled gun 75/18 Company) -
  6. The original manual is from 1935, so a few symbols are missing (NO Self-propelled guns or Tank destroyers in 1935). 1) The missing symbols are: -light tank (Carro armato leggero: Ansaldo L 6/40 OR Renault R 35) -light_truck_antitank (Autocannone) -light_truck_heavy_weapon (Camionetta Sahariana) -self propelled gun (Cannone semovente) -tank destroyer (Caccia carro) 2) This is the list of the other symbols. -ENGLISH (ITALIAN TRANSLATION --- SYMBOL NAME): -ammo_bearer (Porta munizioni --- Scaglione munizioni) -anti-tank gun (Cannone anticarro: http
  7. If you need help for the translation, I can help (I'm italian...)
  8. A question to Battlefront. CM Black Sea introduced Amphibious vehicles. Are you planning to add LVT Buffalo and/or boat to CMFB? (I'm thinking of Battle of the Scheldt)
  9. "We can beat them, just for one dayWe can be heroes, just for one day..." David Bowie - 1977 3rd Reserve Company, 1945
  10. I agree, CMFB has not been published yet, but... Is Juju already working on the User Interface mod? I can't imagine myself playing to CMFB without this great mod!
  11. Maybe a smallish scenario, Infantry strong? I'd like to see Volksgrenadier troops in action...
  12. Just a curiosity. CMFB added the M 24 Chaffee and the M 36 tank destroyer to the Allied tanks. I suppose that the Commonwealth/ Spring 1945 module will add also the M 26 Pershing and the Comet. Were these 2 tanks actually used in combat, or should we wait for Combat Mission Korea?
  13. A request to Baneman Bil is starting every turn with: "TURN 16 (1:15-1:14)" IMHO following the AAR this way is easier. Could you do something similar?
  14. No news from Lt. Blanchard? Should we start to worry?
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