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  1. We learn from the necessities of our wildlife. Kill it with fire.
  2. ahh, opening up the pack I can see i... well, today's my day off working on phd proposals and coursework so I'll have a crack and see how it goes... Feeling the need to practice some ruski battles
  3. Looks great mate! there seems to be a strange 'downward' spurt of smoke in that hummer pic, is that a weird mirroring in the graphic, or intended? Still, a much smokier bang is a great idea! Gonna add it to my mods list now
  4. They still have the physical tank itself? I dunno guys, I ride a motorcycle and I think cars tare too dangerous a weapon to be given to under-trained civilians. Call it a sticky battering ram! ...need to get me a game against @c3k sometime... I think I've subscribed to his strategy too long.
  5. No serious state threats to Australia mate, hasn't been for a long time (though we do have a fetish for being invaded - we really want to matter. Makes us feel important on some cultural level). Last time we deployed tanks at all was Vietnam, and these days we certainly don't have enough for it to really matter.
  6. Oh, yeah the Leos were getting older but we could have gone for the Leo 2s imho.... Or a larger group of IFVs of some kind... We have a succession of governments that insist on buying american surplus, even of equipment we don't really need. Mind you, we're wondering way off the garden path at this point!
  7. *shrug* Not something I have direct experience with, so I can't comment from experience, simply the experience of those I talked with. The diesel is almost certainly a factor, and makes me wonder why we didn't upgrade our old Leopards... I do know a lot of the equipment we purchase is 'refurbished' and there are often changes that have to be made to fit with Australian requirements, though what exactly that entails I'm not sure. Thanks for the thoughts PzSkW!
  8. Army Head of Modernisation and Strategic Planning Major General Gus McLachlan recently hosted personnel from the US Army’s Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM) in Michigan to investigate what he describes as ‘very significant and reliability issues’ with the Abrams fleet in Australia. “At the end of it the Americans back-briefed me, saying we are using our tanks at 10 times the rate of a similar American unit and also, we use them on terrain that our soldiers would never contemplate crossing,” he told delegates at the SimTecT 2016 conference in Melbourne recently. A further difference bet
  9. ...And a hell of a lot of work getting them to function reliably in our conditions, btw. From a few chats I had at the air show a few weeks back, it seems Aussie dust is very different to the dust you folks considered it for... Ours probably come with eskis too (cannot confirm however), and if so the beer inside is remarkably superior to anything you lot stash in them... @Ithikial_AU
  10. Ahh, modern software testing/feedback cycles have an interesting change in language it seems...
  11. I was about to ask for an update, I miss my mid war fights... thanks for all your work steve and co!!
  12. Wow @rocketman that looks amazing! Would it be much to ask if you have any plans to release the map as a QB option as well??
  13. Tut mir sehr leid DasMorbo, ich hatte nicht seit meine tagen als Austasuchschuler rigchtiges Deutsche gesprochen
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