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  1. Possibly there were no pure infantry units involved in the kind of mobile warfare that the game posits? But maybe you could buy a motor rifle unit and delete all the vehicles individually.
  2. I like that video. It would be nice to have the 2S1 122mm SP gun on-map in the modern CM titles at some point, as the video states that they were to be used in direct fire against ATGM's. Could throw in the 2S3 as well... I suppose the Soviet tanks' smoke laying capacity would be too hard to code, but it seems like such an important capability for them. Kind of funny that the Soviets get some frightening Stravinsky as background music and the US Army gets a sort of wandering porno jazz theme.
  3. Bunkers also count as vehicles in their sometimes frustrating effect on LOS/LOF .
  4. Luigim, you can click on the waypoint to select it, then give the pause commands. The number of seconds in the pause will appear above the waypoint. It's very useful. You can also give fire commands or covered arcs at waypoints. The 'face' command will act as a 'cease fire' at waypoints as well.
  5. UB40 in their early dub phase- (If this is too grim their later cover of Roy Acuff's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" will cheer you up again.) Klaus Nomi, great lyrics- "Fallout, If someone calls we're all out, turning into French fries." I also recommend any video from the Nina Hagen Band's 1978 Rockpalast concert.
  6. If you can find it- a great film to get in the mood for this game is the documentary 'Manoeuvre' by Wiseman. It follows a US armored unit through a NATO exercise in Germany in about 1979. Sadly I can't turn it up on the web at the moment. Quite a good portrait of the Army and the officers and men of the era, I think, tho it was a few years earlier than my service.
  7. Problem solved. I took the data folder out of the CMBS folder before running the installer, then put it back in after. Seems to work OK. Still don't know why this happened.
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to patch my CMBS from 2.12 to 2.14 and the installer shows that it is creating data folders within data folders ad infinitum. Pardon my Latin. Can anybody advise me how to fix this?
  9. ----Spoilers----- Mirek, why did you put 107mm mortars in the second battle when none of the Polish units can call them? Also, I killed the German artillery observer in the first battle- and then got shelled by German 15cm guns in the second battle. It makes it look like the briefings don't make any sense. And the Polish rear area is exposed to enemy observation so there is really no safe place to hold troops in reserve. You could easily modify the map to make a forest or valley where some units could wait while scouts go forward. I hope you will make a second edition of the campaign. In the first battle I destroyed all the Germans, including a battalion HQ on the far edge of the map. But surely they would not sit there and wait to be killed? Perhaps there should be an exit zone for them. Those are just my suggestions. Thank you for making the campaign.
  10. I had failed to extract everything into new folders separate from the 7zip ones. Must be out of practice! All's well now.
  11. Unfortunately that didn't work. Maybe I'll open a ticket.
  12. Hello all, I'm trying to install the version 3 and 4 upgade for CMFI and I keep getting a notice that a brz file in a temp folder does not exist. Every time I try, the notice names a different file as not existing. I tried three different downloads, the last with an exception to my antivirus for the download page, with no success. Any advice?
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