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  1. fix, I did a F&R reinstall and reactivate product, thanks
  2. no mods running, and I check the bmp and everything is there
  3. Ultradave this is what i see in the game not all of them and some all black like the partisan
  4. and what is up with the black graphics and floating guns? is there any fix?
  5. hello everybody, someone knows who is the artist that designed the uniforms for Fire and Rubble?
  6. is up, I tought the unifoms were all ready there.. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5907
  7. waiting for this one, make sure to post wen ready!!!
  8. thanks man I did it alon time ago I dint even use a base for cam lol
  9. well I think is like making a sound mod CM, say using sounds from Saving Private Ryan movie, I did that few years ago and still there for download
  10. wow interesting map, but please less zig zag roads
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