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  1. Thankyou. i just have a deep quirk around that
  2. My words were "I dont have any problem getting them to do reasonable things.". You quoted me as saying "Would Fire and Rubble make improvements to TacAI and infantry behavior or it would be repackaging of the same Red Thunder with new units and maps". ... which is actualy what the OP said. Not me. I'm sure this is just a bizzare glitch, and not a deliberate attempt to roll me into the OP. But it is deeply jarring and disturbing to see someone else's words attributed to me. I just want you to please go back and correct the attribution.
  3. you quoted me as saying what the other guy said.
  4. I dont have any problem getting them to do reasonable things.
  5. I would love to see a 1941/42 period ostfront game from BFC. I would also love to see a 1939/40 period game from same. I'm not betting the farm on my ever actually seeing either thing. BFC is first and foremost a money making venture, aimed at an already small niche market. The main market is American. BFC produces what american consumers want. I dont have to like it. I'm sure they could sell a 1941/42 period game in Russia. And it would sell well. But the hassle of publishing in Russian language, is only the beginning of problems. Russian tax laws, postal system, etc.... Is easier to just cater to Americans.
  6. interesting multiple players? as in more than 2? how does that work?
  7. I suspect that we all develop our own workaround for this.
  8. Get the game. I did. There are as many scenarios as you can create.
  9. All the early T34 models. BT 6 and 7s. T28s Pz II's and III's, and 38Ts Romanians.
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