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  1. You can, when at the lowest camera position, use the zoom key to give you a good view of what the infantry see. I find it best to lock onto a unit then use the zoom - sorry I can't recall the keys for zoom in and out.
  2. This worked on my laptop Right-click executable click on properties click compatibility tab click Change High DPI Settings button Tick the High DPI scaling override box click OK click Apply click OK Start the game.
  3. My guess would be Operation Torch as the first game for CMx3 - it has the extra shock value of the French fighting the US troops. Followed by a module covering the Brits-Commonwealth fighting the Afrika Korps and maybe the Italians. I would love to see the early part of the war but it's just a dream. But then again if the partnership with Slitherine is a huge success maybe...maybe...
  4. To all those veterans thinking "I ain't wasting time on no training campaign..." I have three words for you - Oh my god And if you want the full experience the little tinker branches...twice. So that's four times the misery!
  5. Installed. Activated. Beer and munchies in easy reach. I'm going in...
  6. Installing... I have to say, I am more a WWII wargamer than the modern stuff and yet I am more excited about this than I was about F&R.
  7. They need to have that request as the first line.
  8. Go to the Slitherine site and login. Click on My Page On the right you will see a menu titled 'My Page'. Click on the bottom option 'Register Serial' Use the 'Game' drop down menu to find CMBS Enter your Battlefront licence in the 'Serial' box Press 'Register' Your game will now appear in your list of games. Press the Steam key button under your CMBS game. You should now have your Steam key.
  9. 'Slitherine' doesn't know you bought the game on Battlefront. It knows about the licence key and is waiting for you to identify yourself. On My Page you need to do a search for the game and then enter your key. Edit: The game will then appear amongst your games. Just click the 'Steam key' button and your Steam key should appear.
  10. I'm sure I've heard, on the odd occasion, my lads shout 'bang!'
  11. Yarp. If this rolls out with future releases onto Steam the Combat Mission series may get burned. P.S. I am a fanboi. I don't want this to happen. I want Combat Mission/Battlefront to succeed so I get more and better games and sink thousands more hours of my precious life into them rather than do something productive for the good of mankind.
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