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  1. I'm sure I've heard, on the odd occasion, my lads shout 'bang!'
  2. Yarp. If this rolls out with future releases onto Steam the Combat Mission series may get burned. P.S. I am a fanboi. I don't want this to happen. I want Combat Mission/Battlefront to succeed so I get more and better games and sink thousands more hours of my precious life into them rather than do something productive for the good of mankind.
  3. Why not make brand new campaigns? If you are concerned about learning map-making, which can be initially daunting, there are discussions on this site, a guide that comes with the games, and youtube videos.
  4. Youtube is a big resource for new players of games. How to play videos are popular and examples of gameplay. The CMx2 series has a large number of videos including Bill Hardinger's excellent tactics series. It's a big plus for the CMx2 games appearing on Steam which new games don't initially have.
  5. On the front web page 'Games' (top bar) has an 'Upgrades' option. Click on that and it displays all the CMSF upgrade options.
  6. Hope I'm not breaching any forum rules. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CvkErkdzNo
  7. I still play 'Fighting Steel' from time to time. I would sign up immediately if their was an updated version in the offing.
  8. Those bridge icons do not appear on French maps, only Holland maps. Load the map in the scenario editor, then Mission>Data There is a variable called Region which determines whether the map is France or Holland.
  9. 60 hours 30gb+ downloaded in failed attempts My most consistent problem appears to be the download stops after 7-8 hours (75-80% of file downloaded). This makes me wonder if Amazon Cloud has a timer on downloads. When you reach a certain point, it decides you are taking too long and drops the connection. Yes I have tried different browsers. No, I am not using a download manager. It thus appears that Amazon Cloud is sadly incompatible with me. It also means, with Battlefronts 'mega installer' philosophy - which I applaud by the way - that I will have problems in the futur
  10. togi, I also have an ATI card (6850) and have just replicated your problem on Avanti, and hopefully have a solution for you. If you go to 'Options' you will see at the bottom a setting called 'ATI left-click compatibility' I have this set to 'off' and I could plot a course across the bridge. When I switched that to 'on' your problem occurred.
  11. +1 It was great to read and really appreciate your time and effort in making the screenshots and commentary so interesting. Now, BF, when do we get to pre-order!
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