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  1. Thanks, I didn't realize that there was a set up file inside the patch. I have successfully installed now . Had hoped for some follow-the-leader-command-though. :-)
  2. Can you quickly explain where and how to extract the the files?
  3. Because the lack of it starts showing its pain, I have to ask again, will there be any development of a follow-the-leader kind of command ? So many big maps and so many units involve a lot of repetitive plotting of way points now. I have only limited time on hand to play and rather would enjoy the action instead of wasting time on something computers were made to get rid off in the first place i.e. repetitve action. Thanks.
  4. French text in below link certifying no snow on the ground signed by some civilians and the priest of La Gleize. There is also the famous Life magazine picture of GI s walking by a smoldering KT that has been taken on 24th. Again no snow. Most vehicles were out of gas by 23rd. , although some barrels of fuel were recovered from a supply attempt over the river Ambleve - they were sent downstream floating. The KT 's were KO'd,because hydraulics and optics were damaged by several impacts. la gleize.tif
  5. The Scenario is probably as historical as the snow on the ground. Until 30th. of December there was no snow on the ground in the La Gleize area.
  6. I will quote you on that, like in the ... next year! :-)
  7. Given the new map sizes available, may I suggest that BFC seriously consider giving a "follow the leader command". Plotting movements for bn size battle or operations takes you easily 30 minutes per turn, unless you are on the defensive side. Re-watching the action for each unit may take you another half an hour, but that I may consider the entertainment side of the game. Repetitive plotting however, becomes just tedious.
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