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  1. It should say, "MEEEEEE". So, just in case others can learn from my mistake, here's what happened: I was checking the file names as Mord suggested and...in organizing mods in the Z folder I created a folder called, for example: "Vehicles". But my file renaming utility was set to rename ALL the files in the folder and subfolders as well. So now all the vehicle files had the prefix "Vehicles" on them so of course CMBN didn't recognize them. Recently migrated to a new laptop and I vaguely recall years ago on my last laptop having to uncheck that default setting in the renaming app. Ugg an
  2. Oh, here's a good one: When I cut all those mods from the z folder and went to paste them into a temp folder, I didn't realize I still had the game open and so it said I couldn't remove a bunch of them bc they were in use by another program. So I guess that's one way to know which mods are working and which aren't!
  3. Well, I'd have to say nearly all the vehicle mods. What's a bit strange is that thing about the Wirblewind. It was the first one I downloaded, it worked and then pretty much none of the others worked. So I thought maybe I had some mods interfering with each other and I tried an experiment of removing all the vehicle mods and then only put Aris' "SdKfz 251 Ausf D CMBN V2" back into the Z folder. Then, since that particular mod has several versions of the halftrack, I picked just one and removed the others (I don't think it said I needed to do so in the readme but just in case). Nothing wo
  4. Hi all, After a long hiatus from CMBN, I just upgraded to v3 (if you're here you likely noticed the self-inflicted cluster that was my upgrade process). I mainly did so in order to use the mods on greenasjade. I'd installed tons of them in my Z folder but only a few of them took effect. I figured since v2 was so out of date I might need to upgrade but the upgrade to v3 had no effect on the mods - the few that already worked still work but that's it. The first one I installed as a test was the Wirblewind and that worked fine but that, the SS camo and some of the terrain mods are the onl
  5. KAAAHN!!!! Get it?? A guy from Rock, Paper, Shotgun uses that line from Star Trek when he does something really stupid. Anyway, I think I might've been cutting and pasting the wrong license key in trying to activate the modules. Been in too much of a hurry trying to get this done. That's the line I'm sticking to anyway. Thanks again!! I have an unrelated question but I'll post that as a separate thread.
  6. Oh man. I was hoping you'd say reinstall. Reason being, yes the activate modules icon was there but when I clicked it & entered my license key it showed the same screen as when I initially installed and activated the v3 upgrade. It said "success!" and had 3 boxes for products it was saying were now activated: the CMBN base game, v2 upgrade & v3. It said nothing about MG & CW. Ugg. I was getting ready to re-install the 2 modules when I got back to my pc. So...I actually have the zip files for the modules still on my pc but do u think if re-download them from my "Purchases" page
  7. EDIT: just noticed that the icons for MG and CW are not on the intro screen (the one that comes up when you first start the game). So do I need to re-install them? I don't see anywhere where there's an ability to download v3 for the two modules unless you buy them. It wouldn't seem to make sense to re-install because it would just re-install my v2 versions which are already on my hard drive. Thanks again.
  8. Ok, so I got it installed BUT new problem. (Btw what I did was: right-click on the (already extracted) setup file, chose "Properties", went to the "Compatibilities" tab, it gives you something to troubleshoot the file. The first try didn't work so and a box came up say something like "Request additional permissions". When I chose that and clicked "Next" the setup process began automatically). NOW the problem is that I opened the program, went to the editor and when I tried to open a scenario I was working on, a big red box came up saying "This file requires Commonwealth Forces module".
  9. Hi, As stated in the thread title, I extracted the CMBN_Setup file and when I clicked on the application it pretty much immediately states "access is denied" and that's it. My OS is Windows 10, I'm under my own user ID (which is also where I have my current CMBN v2 running) for which I have Admin rights. No readme files came with the download so I'm not really sure where to go from here. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: crap, I was sure I started this thread under the main CMBN page but here it sits in the Mods section.... Ugh. I don't know how to move it.
  10. Thanks Mord!! Wow, I had no idea the single vehicles list was modified based on the country the scenario is set in. Guess I've just been lucky all this time.
  11. Hi all. After an extended hiatus I'm trying to get around to my CM games again. I was trying to create a quick scenario that includes a Wirblewind or 2 but I can't find where they're hiding. I know they're in there somewhere bc they're in at least 1 scenario I played. Thanks in advance for any help! I also think they're in Red Thunder so if anyone knows that one I'd appreciate it. Happy Holidays! Robert
  12. Ugh! Thanks so much! But I'd just figured it out: instead of cutting and pasting from the text file I had (which didn't work), I cut and pasted from my Battlefront account page...and it worked. I seemed to recall I'd seen that kind of weirdness before and so I gave it a shot. And yes - just to make sure - I did verify the two #s matched. I still blame others (because that's how I roll) and so I hereby demand the semantics be uniform. Seriously tho, thanks for taking the time, Schrullenhaft!
  13. Hi, I got a new computer and am trying to get my multiple CM games working. I went to my battlefront accounts page, downloaded (as an example) CMRT and once installation was complete launched the game. A box comes up with options: launch, activate or buy now. I was hoping that since I'd downloaded from my own accounts page, the game would just launch. No dice. So I chose "Activate" and a screen popped up asking to enter my serial number. Now, at the time I purchased the game, I took a screenshot of the "Purchase Order" page and saved any relevant numbers as a text file so that in fu
  14. Hello all, Well, maybe I'm the last to know this but I've seen where some folks use an ssd card to speed up their video games. I haven't see the difference for myself but it seems ssd cards can make even the most high-end, resource-intensive games operate much, much faster vs computers that don't use them. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this with CM games, if so how you set it up and if the cost/benefit is worth the investment. Thx!!
  15. Oh, it's pretty much a mish-mash. Understrength this, overstrength that. It was just for fun and to chop up for use in other scenarios. Thanks for input! Interesting. What do u think the time commitment would be on the hex editor for a (pretty much) non-coder? I learned to code a bit in college but ummmmm...it was long enuf ago that well, I'd done a paper on this thing called "the internet" and when I described to people what it was they looked at me like I had 3 heads! That was ~'87. Crazy!! My kids now think I had to hand crank my Model T every morning. Ugh.
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