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  1. Maybe so, in one court martial during the war (of Horace West) a Colonel testified that Patton had directed soldiers to not take any prisoners if they continued to resist when the Americans had approached to within 200 yards of their position - Patton claimed he had been 'misinterpreted' - West had perhaps erred only killing them in cold blood after their surrender had already been accepted. West was convicted and sentenced to life - but was back at the front about a year later. It was/is extremely rare for anybody to actually admit to doing it themselves - always it's someone else, someon
  2. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it was relatively common - sometimes, well, you just don't get to throw in the towel. If you're going to surrender to someone, you should really do it BEFORE you slaughter his best buddies like hogs, that's all... mortal combat is not a game, though some Germans apparently treated it as such - i.e. brewing-up a point tank with a Panzerfaust and then throwing-up the hands in surrender. It ain't gonna happen Fritz. Pitt took the opportunity of a dead man walking to blood his newby, didn't seem all that implausible to me. Sadly, such is war.
  3. That wasn't my point and you should know it - the script deserves some praise for showing such intense animosity between comrades, rather than the typical mawkish best-of-buddies-everyone-loves-each-other schtick - and more, that you were specifically complaining about cliches in one sentence, then the next moaning about their absence, it's about consistency - for you the film is apparently damned if it does and damned if it doesn't. It can't logically be both too cliched and not cliched enough simultaneously. Choose one. For me, judging on three categories: grog-factor (props, detail, min
  4. That's fair, some of the events certainly felt overtly contrived to me as well (I knew the girl was a goner the first sound of incoming). Other parts stretched historical plausibility without quite completely breaking it, though to some degree I think this is forgivable when the authenticity of the product is so high in other ways (sound, notably). I watched it in close proximity of my viewing of the new Russian film Stalingrad... next to that Fury is an unimpeachable masterpiece, its sins and vices are no different from say, Saving Private Ryan, or Platoon.
  5. You were only just complaining about the movie being 'a string of WWII cliches'... yet the biggest deviation the movie makes from traditional WWII cliches is one of your moans, methinks you might be hard to please... So, clearly they respect Pitt's character as a leader and a fighter, but he's also not the man they think he is - he speaks German too well for it to be merely 'a tool of war', and as man who derides his comrade's religiosity he sure can place a biblical quote, he waits until they are no longer watching then weeps and vomits in a corner alone - and instead of looting and whori
  6. I hope this is a top priority for new features. Imagine it... give a formation an attack order, attach the condition: If (casualties>10%) Then withdraw, attack pointB; If (enemy touches positionX) Then team1 withdraws to line2, team2 flanks... it would be a revolution... surely it's pretty do-able with some bog-standard boolean expressions? Argh, I ache thinking about how great it would be.
  7. I'm not sure, a human would never have let me handle them so roughly. I thought the German dispositions were really good, the AI just proves incapable of reacting proactively to his flanks being turned. A StuG or ATG tucked in behind that road intersection (main road and farm road) covering those flanking positions would likely have stopped me moving up there so quickly... needs more traps
  8. No wonder! I kept coming across solo Germans... IIRC, in Turnbull's my mortar team evacuated with 40-odd kills to their name
  9. //spoiler I had the same experience, and also Les Licornets - the roads were absolutely free, particularly Les Licornets (The Labrynth at least had some squads covering the road in my play-through) - if one has a spare fifteen minutes they can see the results in this little movie I made for some pals of mine to show em the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhbIdXtYUyY I thought it an obviously fatal flaw for the Germans in their defence, I only played it once so I'm not sure if there are other plans in which they lock down the road.
  10. It's become a theme in my campaign for the last surviving German to be their company commander... resolutely holed-up alone in his original position, blazing away with his MP40 at any passing Doggies. I picture him a bit like some kind of Commando Comic villain, his contorted face lit by muzzle-flash as he cackles maniacally with one jackboot perched atop a pile of bodies; grrr, I'll get him yet.
  11. I remember the briefing saying that if I didn't destroy enough attackers they would have sufficient forces to prevent my platoon from rejoining it's company - I was a little concerned for their fate. (did they get reinforced and are in the next battle? I haven't started it yet) I really liked the battle (Turnbull's); I was agonizing over the decision between withdrawing my guys in time, and hanging on to kill a few more Germans to secure the escape. It turned into a nail-biter with Germans only meters from an objective when my last guys exited. Much tension, good stuff.
  12. I played Turnbull's Stand, I thought I did ok - inflicted 70-80 casualties, took out their AFVs, evacuated everyone on time, no Germans made the objectives - yet still got a red cross on my objectives. I still got a tactical victory on casualties, but what more do I need to do achieve the objectives? I'd have backed my guys to stop em cold if I'd had more time
  13. First mission was sweet, at first I's like: He wants me to move a company across all that open ground against multiple fortified HMGs? Madness! But, after a few nail-biting rounds of fire and maneuver and a satisfyingly precise mortar round, we made it onto the objective with minimal casualties - I swear, those bunkers are damn tough to suppress - I'd have the whole company pouring fire into one and the occupants didn't even have the decency to duck. Great scenario, thoroughly enjoyed it - also learned a lot about the game while playing it - A+ Ecoqueneaville wasn't bad at all, I noticed t
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