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  1. I would have though DL-Only customers would be a + No printing cost No packaging cost No staff member cost to package and send There is your $ savings already more profit to Battlefront. With the posted out version you are paying all this and then still giving the customer an extra $10 dollars to boot. A little extra plus is you will also have an idea how many DL-Only customers you will have before release date.
  2. I would like to know this too or if we now have an ability in scenario AI plan creation to delay pre-arranged artillery. ie fire on cross road X at scenario start +30 minutes
  3. Tank Hunter does vassal allow for an umpire. That way unit size does not matter as much, you can have companies and platoons. With an umpire who can move units where he wants at any time then battles transfered to CM could then be a representation of multiple Hexs. eg: 4 hexs = 2x2 km CM map or 4x1
  4. Copy and paste would be the best thing out +1. Makes extending a map out past the border so much easier.
  5. I like and use these, not 100% sure of the color selection german works well. I just find it hard to get used to blue for spotted allies. I would swap them over eg: green spotted and a lighter blue for Spotting reports(?) that way the spotting reports have the same feel to them. A good strong color for spotted units and a lighter color that blends in for (?) units Just my feeling, Great work
  6. Field Marshal Bl├╝cher is being very modest his two campaign's for CMBN are two of the best going around at the moment. Die Letzte Hoffnung (116th Panzerdivision during the Mortain Counterattack) Devils' Descent (82nd's operations on the morning of D-Day)
  7. Rambler does this also effect bocage, bushes and hedges.
  8. I will take all the upgrades you have and keep them coming v2, v3 and beyond. The upgrading of past versions of the game is the best idea you have ever had. Not being a fan of the Russian front but knowing that I will be able to upgrade my current game to the newest version makes me very happy.
  9. I would like to see an ammo dump. could look like a mound on the ground with a door. It is treated in the same way as a bunker/vehicle you must enter to aquire the extra ammo it holds. This way we could have static resupply points for longer battles.
  10. when building a scenario using the editor I have seen scenarios with both 2 hour and 3 hour turns, can you change the turn time length down to say 30 minutes a turn for a scenario.
  11. noob can you build your own maps/scenarios in PzC or do you only have access to prebuilt maps and scenarios.
  12. Why not put one or two high walls across the back of the map with space behind it where units can retreat. That way you do not need to worry about keeping track of units retreating off the board, not being on the board at the end of the game. The other thing I liked from Broadswords ARR was that each side was assigned a casualty threshold in the CM game. If a side reached its casualty level before the time limit that was the end of the game. Gives the game an extra level of realism. At the moment there does not seem to be a way that the attacking force can be repulsed. i.e the defenders put up such a fight that the attacker had to retreat back out of the Victory location to their Starting position (1 Hex away). Great work so far noob
  13. How many seperate units are in this scenario for each side. And the size of the map looks like it is 18km x ? Why 60 minute not 120 or more
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