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  1. Hey pick on BF and trolls in another topic please. Give them some suggestions and they may listen and do something hopefully. What I can see all want a good campagin system. So BF lets bring it and you will be rich! ;)
  2. What? You actually need radio to call in arty. If your spotters radio guy get shot and you have no other HQ with radio close. You can't call in arty if there is no radio.
  3. Wow this thread growing. I just realised that I agree with most things you guys suggest. I would like malfunctioning radios so the arty spotter calling in arty can't call in arty... hahaha. The arty is actually to unrealistic. It always always hits in the area you aim for. No correction shells for heavy arty only on map mortars and guns work that way. etc etc Cheers!
  4. Mama mia. Where did camera view suggestion going main topic here?!! I just wanted some better trenches and maps . I wanna play with the pigeons! Come come little birds!
  5. Haha! They are close to get another title on the way that could be a new CMC. They could earn millions $ on it by just tweak alittle so it turns Campagins.
  6. Thank you guys! Aha. The engine can't handle it now? I got a solution: This would solve the terrain mesh thing: A future engine where you can place fortifications on a QB map when you make it in the scenario editor and it will act as the player have bought them. And the player could buy more and add them to the existing ones! Then you would not break the terrain mesh and you could have a real premade QB WWI trenchline! Why differ on QB and scenario maps? I also want destroyed vehincles placeable so you get the feeling it's been a fight bf on a QB map. What BF nees to do is to make QB more like the scenario maps.
  7. I have thought alot about it in a long time. What I think CM series are currently lacking is the defence and in the terrain. I think it's a great idea worth considering. Here goes; Why could you not save a QB after a battle as in CMx1? All destruction and troops moved over to a save file and you could countine fight with what you had with same destruction on the map and even start a new QB with same old troops plus new ones. Why can't some fortifications be terrain tiles? It would be nice if BF could do that. And I also would like come camouflage that could be applied to fortifications to make them alot harder to spot. Right now foxholes and trenches are some kind of "Here I am!" "Bombard the hell out of me please!" decoration. And add some fire from "fire" as in CMx1 that will spread and make smoke... Thanks for a great game BF. If you can't put it in the game engine please try in the next! Cheers Pike
  8. Thank you. Most interresting to read your comments. Infantry on the eastern is very important even in CMRT.
  9. Why is it so big difference from CMRT to CMBN when it comes to the infantry? The poor soldiers in CMRT die too easily. Almost always the leader dies first as well. Foxholes and trenches doesn't help much. WHY?!!!
  10. I want horses. AND MOTORCYCLES!!! They used alot of horses in WWII. No horses and motorcycles in CM why??? Puke
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