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  1. "I thought the same, then i discovered GTOS (the new Steam version) and was blown away ! By the way, there are dry hardcore wargames like "Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations" on Steam and i bet CM would outsell them every day !" I only diddled around with GTOS, does it even have buildings? I don't recall seeing any. Infantry is an utter joke. Graphics are nice though.
  2. Interesting this comes about as reports of large numbers of military forces are massing on the Ukraine border and in eastern Ukraine itself. Makes me wonder if there will be larger number of 'vacationing' Russian troops participating in the apparent upcoming offensive.
  3. Excellent work BTR. Thank you very much!
  4. Well, I've got to hand it to Steve, he's got the counterpoint arguement down pat! If we were to codify these, this one would go under the "change the subject/divert attention" heading. Nice job bringing up the NATO/US arms Vladimir Tarasov, people bit on it. However, you forgot to respond to Vanir's excellent post above. Where did those tanks come from and who could be driving them? Interested in your response.
  5. I completely agree with this. Though I rarely post, I've enjoyed this forum since cm x1 / BTS days. It is nice to see this influx of new posters of which most have contributed positively to the conversation. I don't neccessarily agree with some of the conclusions, but reading cogent arguements from those with different views/experiences has been quite insightful to me. As long as this coversation stays civil, I hope this thread continues. welcome to the forum ikalugin.
  6. I was not aware that cm could run on multiple monitors. Is there a guide for this??
  7. Great stuff Bil. Im certain that I'm not the only one that appreciates the thoroughness you provide in these AARs. I've learned a ton. Typically I pull for the underdog, but as a fellow Richmonder, I'm wanting to see you make GaJ cry uncle. Thanks again. Reed
  8. Wow Rake. That's what you get with a gtx 670? I was looking to move from my 275 to at least a 660, thinking the additional vram would give a good boost for cm. Guess I'll hold off on that... What is your cpu? Reed
  9. Really great stuff Ian, I'm enjoying this immensely. How long do you spend on a turn?
  10. I strongly feel that the inability of the Germans to capture Moscow was the turning point. And in order to have a chance, Moscow would have needed to fall before December. Micheal brings up an excellent point that the German's had outrun their legs by that point, but had the German's not elected to envelop Kiev and instead used that time to rest and refit, they certainly could have taken Moscow with a decent chance of being able to hold it through the winter. The Soviet Union would have been effectively cut in half. I doubt the Soviet government would have fallen with the capture of Mosc
  11. Pretty good clips. The most interesting, IMO, is at the 5 minute mark when it appears a column of (light?) armor comes under attack forcing the armored cars scurrying into the ditches to get off the road. I've seen that clip before, but I would love to see it in complete. As I get older, it gets harder for me to watch footage. It's impossible to not look at a guy and wonder if he made it home. Or to watch a squad and wonder how many survived. Most probably did not. It's the utter enormity of the amount of people that were fed into that inferno that gets me.
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