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  1. Quick question : is CM2 optimized for (or able to take benefit of) eGPU solution under MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) ? Thanks.
  2. Another shot from Kampfegruppe Engel (scenario 6 Guardian Angels). Not sure that surrendering to Waffen SS is a bright idea ... actually the idea was real bad as 5 minutes later "friendly" canadian artillery support totally blasted off the area with a storm of shells coming directly from hell. Kampfegruppe squad had left by the time but not the surrendering unit which end up totally blasted !
  3. Oh my god I think I ran onto something ! ... Dear I am afraid we've found missing Sergent Larry ...
  4. Hi guys ! any chance or ways to keep the map with the destructions inherrated between scenario 5 " Crossing the Dives" and scenario 6 "Guardian Angels". That would be good to have the possibility to export all the damages: rubbles, shell holes, the new vehicle wrecks, etc. into scenario 6 as a continuity thing as a part of scenario 6 is fought over the same map than scenario 5. Thanks.
  5. Watch out GRENADE !! .... outch ! THAT HURTS ! ... another death in the bocage screenshot from Kampfgruppe Engel campaign
  6. Things are a little too quite here. Let's fire some rounds.
  7. Never get too close to a lone Tiger ... it has sharp and BIG claws.
  8. Kampfgruppe Engle series family photo (Crossing the Dive scenario). It is an old photo dating back to 1944 and only black & white then 😁
  9. Agree Kampfgruppe Engel is a really enjoyable campaign. For years BF has been a kind of hit and miss for me. The learning curve is (very) steep even coming - decades ago - from the Squad Leader boardgame series ; which had been resurrected for a little while with the MS Close Combat titles ... I think now I am kind of addicted to the BF series once the effort of getting into it is digested.
  10. Good news: « just » go into the pref pan and select the security thing and tells it to open it ANYWAY. Damn it it does it to me each time and I keep forgetting about it ! Note: I do not think BF team is malicious 😂 Cheers and let’s enjoy the new module
  11. Good news : CMFI is available Bad news : I cannot extract the package for installation. Got this message "CM Fortress Italy v210 Installer.pkg" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information .. downloaded from battlefront.sharefile.com" Any help around ? on MacOS Catalina ... thank you
  12. Where are we going dad ? En route to Bayeu. Sounds like there is a nice tapestry that tells how the French Norman invaded England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 a thousand years ago and set up a new monarchy there. We may learn something. I find Normandy a little too crowded these days with Americans, English, Canadian, Polish and even French at the corner of every hedgerows. Time to leave. Onwards lads !
  13. Running on Catalina on a 2009 (yes) PowerBook Mac with a « hack » install. Yes my lap top is 10y old and great ! No issues with CM Normandy. All modules. a bit less at ease on Final Blitzkrieg but still fine. Will have to see for CMFI. And sounds I’ll see that with the turkey. Send the turkey men we are ready !! God thanks it’s thanks giving.
  14. The wait ... won't be long here it is ! two more wrecks ...
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