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  1. Didn't someone actually do this in CMx1 - or was that just a weird lockdown dream ...
  2. Nothing mentioned in the caption, it's definitely come from an angle to the front, not head on, my guess is a 45mm, perhaps a 76mm, I think anything bigger would have decimated the barrel from that angle. I know there's a shot in a PanzerWrecks title that shows a real front on hit to a muzzle brake by what looks to be an anti-tank rifle, would have surely disabled the gun and sent the Tiger back to the Werkstatt!
  3. No problem, very interesting threads. Yes, here's a few examples from Schneider's Tigers in Combat III which I have at hand. One taking off the muzzle brake, a penetration along the length, and a glancing blow into the the shroud. The last is the result of firing a damaged gun! Yikes! I guess the take away is that the game can't really depict what the damage actually might look like. Do not attempt this at home kids!
  4. Yes. Indeed, at distance, in the open, the Panther is always going to wipe the floor with the earlier marks of Sherman. In hull down their ability to withstand hits is severely reduced. Tigers though present a slightly nuanced problem in as much as their mantlets could withstand more punishment. That's not to say though that one should leave them sitting in a hull down position once targeted. In Wolfgang Schneider's Tigers in Combat III there are some reproductions of interesting Soviet instruction manuals for tank and anti-tank gunners, issued soon after their first contact with the s.Pz.Abt in 1943. They highlight areas of Tigers to target: frontally - vision blocks, tracks, machine guns, optics and commander's cupolas; from the side - turret side, fuel tanks, between the tracks & upper hull, wheels, drive sprocket, commander's cupola, loader's hatch and gun barrel. All of which seems to tally quite nicely with the kinds of damage reports returned by the Werkstatt. In one of the same documents the gunners are exhorted to Bombard with all weapons, Use guns of every calibre, Throw incendiary devices and use All anti-tank weapons. In the 30 September 1943 report I mentioned above, by a commander in the s.Pz.Abt 506, the types of damage suffered by the Tigers does seem to support how the Soviet troops tackled the Tigers: 6 Tigers lost by direct hits from around 1000m, the tanks burnt out and exploded in enemy territory; 1 Tiger knocked out by a T-34 at 200m by two penetration to the hull side; 4 divers', 4 radio operators', 1 loaders' and 2 commanders' hatches blown off; 8 cannon and 4 gun gimbals damaged; 3 final drives broken by hits to hull armour; 3 instances of armoured cover and 6 of glass viewing blocks of driver's viewpoint shot-up; one armour protection to exhaust destroyed; 15 hatch-cover latches destroyed; running gear of 21 tanks badly damaged by projectiles, including 6 drive sprockets and 2 guide wheels; 6 radiators damaged by splinters from hits on the turret; 14 engines rendered inoperative caused by enemy fire; 3 air intakes and 2 ventilator fans destroyed; etc Not to mention some very deaf crews thanks to the hammering on their hulls!
  5. Here are some original statistics from Lukas Friedli's excellent volumes Repairing the Panzers (my bold): Volume 1 pp190-191 a section on Losses of s.Pz.Abt 503 makes for interesting reading. A 10 October 1943 report for the period 5 July 1943 - 21 September 1943 showed 18 total losses of Tiger I, with 240 Tigers in and out of the Werkstatt (ie recovered or broken down vehicles). Damages/Repairs listed included: 142 technical failures (engine burn outs etc); 227 damages due to shelling (incl 35 turret damages, 19 caused by mines and 2 friendly fire by a StuG, the rest hull damages); 52 weapons damages (6 turret jammed due to PaK hits, 3 turret jammed due to HE hits, 10 KwK 36 inoperative due to PaK hits, 2 mantlets inoperative due to 7.62cm PaK hits, 1 commander's cupola newly adjusted, 12 commander's cupola exchanged, 4 optics inoperative due to shelling, 5 optics inoperative due to normal use, 7 ball mounts due to PaK hits, 2 by friendly fire from a StuG). If anything this example shows that damage to the main gun by the enemy was more common than, for example, damage to the optics and mantlet, in this report almost 20% of damages to weapons are to the main gun itself. And what was that StuG up to!! Another report, this time in Volume 2 pp60-61, from s.Pz.Abt 506 on 1 January 1944 covering repairs carried out from 20 September 1943 - 31 December 1943 shows Weapon damage: (where the turret needed to be lifted for 40 Tigers in total) 6 gun barrel replaced caused by enemy, 3 mantlet replaced caused by enemy, 2 turret replaced caused by enemy, 1 muzzle brake replaced caused by enemy, 6 elevating gear repairs caused by technical issues, 3 traverse gear repairs caused by technical issues, 12 cupola repairs caused by enemy, 3 visor repairs caused by enemy, 2 visor repairs caused by technical issues, 7 ammo racks replaced caused by technical issues, 6 ammo racks replaced caused by enemy, 12 hydraulic drive fluid renewals caused by technical issues, 5 hydraulic drive control repairs caused by technical issues, 9 MG mounts repairs caused by enemy, 4 hatch lid repairs caused by enemy, 4 firing mechanisms replaced caused by technical issues, 2 recoil brake repairs caused by technical issues, 27 turret traverse mechanism repairs and checks caused by technical issues. An experience report by the commander of the same unit dated 30 September 1943 for action over seven days and nights from 20 - 26 September stated that: "6 Tigers were lost from direct hits" (unrecoverable) and "8 guns and 4 gun mantlets were damaged by hits, 3 of them heavily" whilst other damage included "the intercom system failed on17 Tigers due to vibration caused by shelling" (I assume from their own main gun!). Again these examples show that main gun damage was quite common and enough to at least require a visit to the Werkstatt. The PanzerWrecks series of books does feature a few images of damage to main weapons which appear to have occurred from frontal hits ie chunks taken out of muzzle brakes and glancing blows along barrels. Great source for all you damage nerds out there. LS
  6. Without further ado: You can all get your hands on version one here It's still the weekend where I am! Enjoy! LS
  7. @LongLeftFlank LMAO 😂 An all time favourite - I’d been trying to think of an appropriate response but they all relied on Frankie Howerd-esk advice to keep your bush trim, ooh err missus! Maybe I should change the name of the mod to How Not to be Seen ... First release will be later tonight or tomorrow🤞
  8. LOL I was always castigated at school because my local yokel accent made me tend to use the ‘-er’ ending on everything rather than the ‘more’ adverb, is it an adverb? Now I can’t think straight, I’ll shut up ...
  9. Hi, You've probably saved the bmp out of PS as a 24 bit rather than 30 bit file, in so doing you will likely have done something odd to the alpha channel which will be used to describe transparency to the CM game engine. Alpha channels and bits can cause all sorts of issues if saved wrong. Have a look at the original unedited file attributes and make sure you are saving the modded file with the exact same attributes. Not at my desk so can’t check what it should be. If you’re still stuck PM a link to the files so I can take a quick look later. LS
  10. Thanks Warts. Lots of extra foliage to be had, but will depend to some extent on map makers adding plenty of doodads and long grass, unfortunately the mod won’t increase the number of objects, though it will, hopefully, produce a denser (more dense?) look.
  11. Worked a treat, was near to running on empty, now got half a tank full again, cheers!
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