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  1. I must remember to switch off my web cam ...
  2. LOL for sure! And what we pass on to others. Merci, mon ami! Who would have thought we’d be discussing arable farming in a war games forum ...?! I never knew rapeseed oil was used as fuel back then. I’m definitely not going to be modding any for now. Just putting the finishing touches to Le Lin.
  3. Thanks Joe, I remember. I did love those Panthers, but I got into modding CMx1 a bit late, not long before CMX2 emerged, then RL got in the way for a bit. I never went too far away, but modding takes time, which I was a bit short of when CMBN came out, so I had to put it aside. I’d really like to do some more vehicle textures, but I think the existing ones are pretty well covered (for now), whereas there are other things that drew my attention - still not happy with the bocage but I can’t resolve that (yet ...).
  4. It’s never far from my thoughts ... just a bit of a lull in activity before the final push ... I still don’t like doing crops ...
  5. This is useful info, thanks @Lethaface. Makes sense, guessing the German army turned most of the livestock into something they could eat, or at least deprived the advancing Allies and local populations of the possibility of a steak or sausage. Root crops and brassicas should be easier to do, Brussel sprouts anyone? I think maize is probably a bit more modern, it tends to be used as animal feed and for oil production, and is a late summer/early autumn crop. I’ll need to investigate it a bit more. Rapeseed is usually grown as an early summer crop, at least in the UK, so might well be out of the
  6. Hahaha. I think both are appropriate. Have had an enforced break for a couple of weeks, but am getting back on the case now. Boy do I hate crops, they are by far the hardest textures to make look somewhat convincing, but I am nearly there, so will be able to post an update in a few weeks ... hopefully!
  7. So unless they’re added later in a patch, there’ll be no vines in FB = no champagne nor riesling ... sorry folks
  8. I have a copy of a version of it, not sure how complete it is or what version it is. Long time since I touched West Front, one of my discarded play things on the way to CM. I actually have a whole bunch of scenarios, campaigns, mods and data for WF and EF which I can bundle up if you want to browse through some ancient history, not sure what most of it actually is as it's so long since I looked at it, let alone played either. Anyway you're welcome to any of it that you might find useful.
  9. NP Pen & Sword = UK original, probably published in US as well. Stackpole = US, publishing worldwide, usually reprint other publishers' titles in a cheaper format, most likely because the original publisher doesn't see any potential profit in making a new edition years after the first hardback and/or paperback. Stackpole fulfil a useful niche keeping otherwise out of print books going, but their books can be a bit on the rough side, okay for text but maps, pics etc are usually not that well reproduced.
  10. Okay the Stackpole book is an US version of Operation Goodwood: The Great Tank Charge July 1944 aka Operation Goodwood: Attack by Three British Armoured Divisions - July 1944 - Stackpole do a lot of that, and they are usually paperback, cheaper productions, the pics are normally pretty poor as the paper quality is rubbish on the whole, always best to get the book in it’s original format if you can, anyway I digress ... To quote a helpful Amazon.com review (always worth looking here): ———————- William L. Robinson 5.0 out of 5 stars Goodwood: The British Offensive.....
  11. This is the CM forum, we need Khaki, Olive Drab and Field Grey and lots of it please ...
  12. Farmers don’t always respect footpaths, I guess it’s hard with modern machinery to stop for a narrow strip that might be at a weird angle. I remember raiding maize fields as a young whippersnapper, not realising the difference between sweet corn and maize grown for animal feed - don’t recommend it! I consulted with @Falaise when I was deciding what crops to sow. He kindly advised me that the main crops for Normandy back in the day were pretty much what BF had depicted - wheat, oats and flax (for linen etc). I think maize, like oilseed rape, is a more modern addition and sunflowers appear
  13. Haha. Not really, I’ve done the brush and crops 1 to 4 doodads, but haven’t done final checks on them yet. As I said, I’m struggling a bit to get the flax crop 5 and 6 doodads looking right - flax is quite difficult to depict well without making it look like a row of toothbrush bristles. I think I have a solution though, so am pressing on with them. Once those are done I just have the marsh doodads to make with some minor revisions to the first release and we’re done. If I do get time at the weekend I may bundle up a few of the newer pieces but I’m loathe to release lots of small packs as I do
  14. +1 Also the use of black text on a blue ground makes for eye strain headaches. These design choices are very poor. Please, whoever is responsible @Battlefront.com, fix ASAP. Thanks
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