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  1. Its been very interesting to read all your replies. I am grateful the many replies my simple question generated! 😊 I do identify with the points made above to sometimes take the most obvious piece of cover and concealment and play the waiting game to see if my men can spot enemies across over time. It’s of course a huge risk as you’re constantly under threat of being shelled to bits the longer you stay there. But at the same time my experience with the lethality of enemy fire makes me hesitant to advance. I am definitely going to try the splitting up of my platoons and see
  2. Solid info, everyone. Many thanks! I am going to practise the points made.
  3. Ok, this is posing problems for me every time; I end up in a tactical situation where I need to cross a pretty large open area. How do you proceed ? Do you split up your forces and go bounding overwatch and just accept you will loose certain units? Do you wait it out on the edge and keep spotting to enemies first? If so, how many turns before committing to moving across? Aparently I keep making the wrong decisions and get half my company wiped in a mere few minutes every time I try to cross an open patch. Help is appreciated!
  4. As a sidenote : keep away from Transparency AA settings in the Nvidia panel. It will make the ground look weird and blurry if you enable it. (Multi Samping / Super Sampling)
  5. Hi Jan, If you are still looking for an opponent, send me an PM and we'll get going. Cheers,
  6. Hi Ian, First and foremost, thanks for this utility. It makes managing games so much easier! Question; is there a way to make it start automatically when windows loads? Cheers!
  7. Different type of profession but still relevant for the discussion: I am a pilot flying about 200 passenger per leg from A to B. There are a LOT of variables at work in the process getting passengers and their luggage from A to B safely and in a timely manner. There are a few cardinal sins to be made when things do not go as planned and get people angry quickly in my experience: -Not giving any information at all -Making promises you can’t make true. -Lying about the situation I often see that we are affraid to bring bad news and then try to make plans to kee
  8. I hear you about the 19 pages. Every time I see the ‘Holy blue dot of new posts’ appear I think this must be BFC posting about the actual patch instead of random banter I find instead. That does not please the Refresh Monkey God! I firmly believe this is the actual reason of the long wait. So, please stop posting here gentlemen! Unless your offering to the Refresh Monkey God of course.
  9. Count me to the club of safe people. Checked my financial transactions and I am glad to say no malicious transactions have been made. I also bought CMSF2 upgrade upon release.
  10. Great mod! I use the screens and the 'no voice over' music, except for battle end music, that comes from wroclaw's HQS mod. Thanks Blimey!
  11. Your houses mod and the horizon mod are my must-haves! Thanks Kieme!
  12. Heh, that's a cool coincidence! Yes I am the same! <shortly off topic> It's Painter 11, though, not 12. And the student version as well, so there is no discount for me if I would want to upgrade. I started a digital drawing course and got myself a Intuos 4, because I have always been mesmerized by (fantasy) digital (game) art. I would like to try my hand at it myself, eventhough I have no experience. The drawing course included the student version of 11.
  13. I did, though. As I said, there is much less stuttering when scrolling over the map. It makes the framerate more smooth. But I guess YMMV.
  14. You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The big 'cahoona' in my listing was the pre-rendered frames setting to smoothen scrolling and the AA setting to get rid of the annoying 'drawing line', really. I added the rest to have a complete listing.
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