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  1. yes I did, apparently I installed the games in the wrong order, ended up fixing it myself.
  2. Bought new computer, reinstalled everything yesterday and things looked fine. Went to play CMBN and all the menus were screwed up so I tried to reinstall 3.12 again and now the battlepack pack isn't being recognized. When I try to enter the serial number I get a "code bad format" message. Can someone help me out or do I need to just reinstall the whole thing again.
  3. Thank you sir, some of these I did not have or had and lost.
  4. I am sure it will be, looks great. I would be happy to play test this if you need and i can spend lots of time this weekend on it. I am east coast so same time zone.
  5. I have read this entire thread and it still amazes me that battlefront (Steve) has such patience with people. I like many others here have played this game for years and in all that time I have never seen that kind of thing happen, and I have lost thousands of tanks:-). This was just not that players cup of tea, hope he finds something better, but I doubt it.
  6. I would agree with this position, troops that manage to make it to the map edge should in some form or fashion disappear and be counted for points for the winning side.
  7. Well here it goes again. Upgraded my computer, installed CMBN according to the instructions, and low and behold i get this Fingerprint mismatch Please contact customer support Enter valid license to fix and of course none of my serial numbers would work. I swear this is the only series of game that I dread trying to reinstall. It has almost never gone without problems. Has anyone else had this and do they have any idea how to make it go away. Oh and before anyone tells me to turn off my anti virus and try it, I did that, along with listing it as a safe program. No good.
  8. If you need play testers for this, let me know, I have watched all your videos on you tube for this game and learned a lot.
  9. Awesome is the only word to describe these, I have downloaded them all and the change is dramatic to say the least. As others have said, if Battlefront isn't paying you someone should be.
  10. Have purchased every CM game made and will continue to do so, and I am one of those silent customers who just loves the game system and the way it simulates the battlefield for a non soldier type. Graphics are always good to great (for me) and so is the AI (for more challenge I play PBEM). I am very glad Battlefront publishes these games as they have given me years of entertainment and fun.
  11. would consider playing this but as of right now CMHelper doesn't take cmbs, and that makes it harder. Will try using dropbox if you need another player
  12. I remember why i joined the navy instead of the army Cause I can't lead a thirsty horse to a stream and they are not shooting at the horse either
  13. Am watching this on my you tube capture on my Ipad, and i have to say this looks great, but the battlefield is VERY deadly compared to WW2, I am sure i will lose thousands of men learning the things to keep my men alive
  14. Agreed, I would prefer to have a product that is ready when it is ready then to have it early and then run in to problems. am sure it till be worth the wait
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