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  1. I understand that, but the TacAI typically plays a role in trying to evaluate and respond to things. The Bren carrier seemed to be treated like it was harmless, when it was in fact killing everyone.
  2. For sure. It's generally a very capably MBT, but CMBS gave me new respect for the T72-B variants and their ability to resist APFSDS. Somebody here (can't find it now...) said the Oplot does not have the best penetrator available.
  3. Haha, yeah. That was a lot of lockdown play ago. I don't know if I'd do much better now, it's just a tough scenario. The difficulty on that campaign (it isn't long at all) really see-saws. Overally a lot of fun though.
  4. They're not like halftracks, not in CM. They can only be harmed by grenades or AT weapons. I don't know whether this is accurate but that's how it is. If memory serves from Graviteam Tactics I think 7.92 ball ammunition could get through the carrier's plate if close enough, but that doesn't appear to be the case in CM2. It doesn't take much hardened armour to stop rifle rounds. I have had a carrier wipe out an entire SS platoon it caught crossing a field at a range of about 100yds. The AI didn't seem to know what to do so kept advancing. That thing killed them all over about three turns. All of that seemed feasible but I did question the possibility of engaging a position in a building on the higher floors. That should give the defenders a slant advantage into the carrier's crew, but apparently did not. But ultimately they're much tougher than half tracks, which can be disrupted by a stiff breeze.
  5. I think it is TacAI awareness that the unit cannot be harmed by rifle/MG fire. Rifle Grenades and hand grenades are a different story. What does surprise me is how well the vehicle occupants are protected from small arms fire. even elevated positions don't seem to bother it much.
  6. Not only are they bulletproof up to rifle calibre, enemy infantry won't even open fire on them until the occupants dismount.
  7. It's nothing to do with my point, though. That's about the tool's efficacy, this is about the effect of mild cover on the spotting algorithm.
  8. There is one mission in particular where the Bren carrier is absolutely essential. The ability to fight German HMG positions with little risk is decisive. They're great in a supporting fires role. The defensive scenarios are an education. They're not bad. BTW as I'm sure you've discovered, using the mortar section and the Bren section together works well. They are good smoke throwers too, and always seem to have favourable LOS.
  9. Haha, be forewarned, the 'Easy' missions are not that easy. I played mission 2 both at Veteran and Green, and the only difference I could see was the German Armour (Stug III vs jagdpanzer) and that was about it. It played much the same. In terms of AFV bogging, I got lucky. I used slow orders when off road and they fared okay apparently. 1st mission I put a single tank watching the right hand field right after the deployment zone (careful with where you put it as it can be in LOS to the AT gun) and the 2nd I moved into the orchard on the left hand side once I was happy the AT gun was down. Neither bogged. There are mines further up that road and at the intersection near the MG bunker. The tank on the right flank has LOS all the way up to the tall Bocage in front of the 2nd objective. Very useful for putting down the ambush teams that in one plan were placed behind it. The 95mm Churchilll can kill a Jagdpanzer from the front with the HEAT round. At CMBN ranges it's no problem at all for it to get enough accuracy.
  10. Clutter seems to have a significant effect on the spotting algorithm. You don't need much partial concealment to gain a pretty decent bonus against being spotted, at least before spotting the enemy. There's a definite first shot bonus to it. It doesn't take a lot either, for example a small shrub in front of a tank parked in a garden seems to buy that tank a lot of security against being spotted (quickly) from that direction.
  11. The first two are tough. Mission 3 broke for me at the 5 minute mark so can't tell you much about it, but after that they're quite enjoyable. Mission 3 is a defend map, the first of a few in that campaign and that's a nice change you don't get much experience of in CM2 solo play. Quite agree about the Artillery support, it is big annoyance and I mentioned it earlier that PT is so stingy with it is as if he is paying for it himself! This is a wider issue of designers being ahistorical and throwing out doctrine because they're looking for a certain outcome. you may note the Germans have no shortage of it. The time limit on the 2nd mission is outrageous too the worst in the campaign. Although my method in that one was to go right (you can get the tank(s) through the farmyard in the middle of the map) but the objective building is extremely well defended and walled by high bocage. As you say you don't need many defenders - just the right kind - to make them practically impregnable. I used the tank HE a lot (I had both Churchills from the first mission). The scoring is very tough too. I said up-thread that if you are given two objectives you better get both of them or you'll be scored harshly.
  12. I don't know about WW2 but one of the armor field manuals specifically mentions the TC dismounting to check corners at city intersections. There's a couple of scenarios in CMSF2 where this would be very welcome if you don't happen to have any infantry nearby (for whatever reason).
  13. It's probably because it's not 200yds and Chad Krupstahl can't boast to his mates about his unbroken long range 'Schreck record. I'm not bitter.
  14. I think the rehabilitation of Stalin and Marxist/Leninism has been as fascinating as it is depressing. On social media, Nazis are apparently everywhere and communism is fashionable again. I think it is the politicization of schools and colleges, and a culture of not reading anything. I'm a bit of a fan of TIK on YouTube, and he frequently battles revisionism on both sides of the narrative.
  15. Reminds me of that old joke on Garth Marenghi about using slo-mo to hit the required running time... I find these threads interesting and it's a credit to the BFC community they don't become a slugging match on moral relativism, which I see somebody already tried. One has to be very careful judging the past through the lens of the present. Different times. I remember visiting some Polish friends and being astonished at some very off colour jokes about Nazis and Communists, and realising there is a whole ethnic dynamic in these places an outsider does not understand.
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