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  1. Houck.. it's Foley. You were friends with Chris McWilliams. Mad funny. Saw the acct nake and recognized you

  2. Thank you a lot guys I was actually able to take a town with only 2 killed (previous was around 20) as the Canadians. It took a lot more micromanagement then I thought it would.
  3. So what i'm taking is to be really liberal with suppresive fire. But what do you mean with 1 and 4 What tactics should i apply to a fire team when i want them to enter a building? How do i set a inserting team to 360 degrees? (I understand you can give individual way points orders but last time i checked you can only do 180 degrees with Target Area)
  4. Can some one explain to me what is the best way going about on trying to assault a fedayeen city/town. I find that i lose a bunch of guys from entering buildings and my guys not taking cover and instead being like "I will kneel in front of this window when we are getting shot at" even though i tell them to "Hide" which within a second they go out of and continue kneeling. I also lose a majority of my men because i tell them to assault a building, then they get shot at and killed from the room across or men to the left or right of the entrance. EVEN THOUGH in proper MOUT infantry are always
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