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  1. Houck.. it's Foley. You were friends with Chris McWilliams. Mad funny. Saw the acct nake and recognized you

  2. Did you lose all your forces in the previous mission? You should start out with far more than a 12 man section.
  3. I haven't played multiplayer yet, however I think it would be interesting to play along side someone. I'm not a noob, just a noob to multiplayer so i'm down.
  4. Well after looking at this thread, I started saving before every turn and I can honestly say that it's kind of nice to be able to replay the turn if it ended poorly. The main reason is that I usually have a couple ways of going about a turn, say for instance a turn I reloaded. I was attacking a position that I knew enemies were and I was thinking about how to do it. I ended up sending the BMP's in first and then the infantry. This ended up being a poor decision and my BMP's got shot with RPG's (note this wasn't exactly cqb). 2nd Time I sent in my infantry first and they just got blown apart. 3
  5. Wait, you can replay a turn? Is there a easy way to do this or does everyone simply save before they do the turn?
  6. I don't notice much difference. I just notice more or less frustration. If I am playing We-go and something suprising happens. I have to sit there for a minute watching my tank be shot at by RPG's as they don't react, just hoping that they all miss. While in real time the frustration comes from too much micro. It depends on whether you see reacting to things that weren't accounted for as cheap or not.
  7. I feel like more than anything, it's the mechanization of warfare that caused squad size to be reduced. Transport Helicopters such as the Huey (atleast in vietnam when the army used it) and the M113 (And now the Bradley) force smaller squads. Compared to the USMC which use landing craft and now the AAV, CH53 and CH-46. (All Giant Vehicles)
  8. No where in the briefing does it state reinforcements are near. A distant reserve would not be use because as you may have forgotten, they spawn on top of you. Not miles out where you get time to 'redeploy the reserve'. And unless that Highway at the top of the map seperates past that point and turns into the thickest jungle that not even modern optics can see into then there is no way they should of been ontop of me without being spotted first. You not having air defence is a great deal different than me not watching the borders of the map with 2 MBT's and 6 IFV. But whatever, I hope you don'
  9. I'm finding attacking known positions is not possible really. It's best to just blow it all up, and if that can't be done then its best to just sit from a distance and attrition out the enemies in the houses (attrition them as in put all your ammo into a room they are in, wait for another contact then shoot at that room, eventually they will be most part gone and the mission will be won). If i dare get into CQB it always leads to at least one person dieing if not 6.
  10. Lucas, I want to see how you play. You must have at least 2 MBT's and 6 IFV's watching each corner of the map in order for what your telling to be at all useful.
  11. This is the 2nd Mission of the UKR campaign for clarification. I don't think there are reinforcements in the first mission are there?
  12. One thing I remember in the CMSF campaign is that there would be more missions outside the main task forces missions, like the German Special Operations mission where you start in the middle of the map and its dark as death.
  13. Ok, I'm sorry for the curse. A suggestion for reinforcements on this map would to have them come out of the woods at the top left of the map. That way it can be seen as unexpected (Why would I expect attack from the woodline), And I couldn't expect to see it coming any earlier (It's a pretty dense treeline). I think all reinforcements should be kept from coming from clear LOS angles, as the first reinforcement group came down the MSR which shouldn't be possible as I always had a combat vehicle watching it (too see if people were crossing the highway). Another advantage of having them come out
  14. I quit the campaign entirely, I will come back to it later, but I don't feel like playing the mission in a linear way just so i dont get spawned on top of. But yea, I figured the tanks are important (I got 2 of thems main guns knocked out in the first mission.)
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