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  1. Nvm. You can delete this. I actually READ some stuff and got it figured.
  2. Please help. I installed the game, when it asked for license key I put in my old CMSF1 marines bundle installation key. It ran through and said success you have unlocked the old version and new version. Then I run the game to play and it says license failure. So I pulled up the activate new products app and put the same key in and same thing. Says it's unlocked but then when I go to play it won't start and says license failure. What am I doing or missing here? I feel stupid.
  3. Yes, thanks a bunch mech.gato and everyone else. So basically after recon by fire there is no real need to clear an entire building and just doing a first floor touch is adequate you think? It's just always been so frustrating knowing that in some battles there are so many buildings to "clear" and not enough strength and/or time to do it. Oh and thanks for the compliments on my Grandfather. He passed years ago but left quite a legacy. He was one of the true unsung heroes of the war. He actually fought on Guadalcanal first before volunteering for the secret mission that became the Marauders. He was one of the tough ones who completed the whole campaign and came out on his own power. Believe me, he had some stories and while he didn't talk much about it at the end of his life he started to open up and share with me because he knew my interest. I have his pin and Marauders patch and my uncle has all his medals and other patches. Purple heart, two Bronze Stars and the Presidential Unit Citation.
  4. I'm curious what the rest of you do in a certain situation as this has been bugging me for awhile and I really don't know what the answer is. Say you have a platoon tasked with clearing out a bunch of different buildings. Let's put it at 10 different buildings, each 5-6 stories yet you only have one hour. In my opinion it's impossible to have your squads go floor to floor in every building but my question is, is that even necessary? Do you just basically go in to the first floor and that's it? It just seems some missions task you with more than what's possible for the time limit but I'm wondering if I think I have to do too much. Make sense?
  5. I finished with a US major victory! I was also comfortable at the end and just holding tight but was still nervous. Also highly recommended. I love fights like this that aren't extremely difficult and give a reasonable chance for victory.
  6. Since there has been talk of lack of scenario reviews from the community I figured I'd post this as my little caveat to the great scenario designers out there. I am 34 minutes into this battle in WEGO and have to say it's superb! It's been completely immersive, nail-biting and intense and I'm loving it. Thanks for this one!! I wish there were more scenarios like this for CMBS. It's really fun putting one's self in role of commander and trying to hold on the way this scenario calls for. I'll be happy to discuss it more or give more feedback or criticism (not that I have any so far!) if anyone feels like discussing it. So far I feel like I've made mostly right decisions and played this one just the way it should be.
  7. I accidently extracted the files onto my desktop instead of into a new folder. When I installed it pulled brz files from off my desktop as well (I had other cm files on my desktop, patches and mods and whatnot) which caused the problem. Look in your c:program files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Black Sea\Data folder and delete anything that shouldn't be there after patching. The only files that should be in the folder are black sea v100a.brz through black sea v100c.brz and black sea v101.brz and black sea 1.03.brz Only those five files should be there, if you have anything else it's what's causing the problem. Just delete them and you should be good to go!
  8. I just installed patch 1.03 and don't know what I did wrong, but now my vehicles and soldiers all have really strange tags for names. Soldiers are tagged something like aerial support or Leapord II or other wonky things. Vehicles have the wrong names and my commander, driver, loader etc. also have really wrong tags. I think this happened to me before in an earlier game but I don't know why it happened or how to fix it. I believe I read somewhere of this happening to other people as well. Any thoughts or help? Thanks in advance. Argh!! Frustrating!! I haven't had any problem patching other games in a long time and don't know why this would happen now.
  9. Any new updates?? Patiently waiting for this one. Well, maybe not so patient, case in point.
  10. Loved your CMA campaign and was always looking forward to a second one! This, I can't wait for though. Really excited to see that you are doing the campaign from both sides and also making the scenarios available for H2H!! I have a certain opponent that I'm sure would like to have a go at the long slog through it. Thanks for doing this!!
  11. Thanks guys. It's helped so far, I can definitely confirm that. When stationary I've, for the most part, rolled my vehicles into tree cover. I had one shot at by a helicopter and the missile blew up in the trees instead of hitting the vehicle!
  12. Just curious if anyone knows for sure... I'm playing the Russian campaign and in the current battle I can hear Ukrainian helicopters snooping around. Will placing my vehicles under the tree canopy protect them in any way? I'm actually not even sure what type of helicopter the Ukrainians employ or what their technology may be. Probably should look that up eh? I have no AA assets and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do or are my vehicles just unlucky sitting ducks? Thanks in advance!
  13. Completely fascinating! Thanks for posting. I couldn't stop watching.
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