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  1. It does mention them but only briefly. As I said, it's more of an overview than a detailed account of military actions, but I've found it really interesting, and as you say, well-researched. Surprised about the kindle price - £15 in the UK. Edit: Just to add, the bibliography might be very useful, being pretty much up to date.
  2. From the land of Shakespeare - just wow! Thanks to all involved in this monster.
  3. Just picked up a new book (published February 2021) which whilst not a conventional military history is directly relevant to F & R: Bastiaan Willems, Violence in Defeat: The Wehrmacht on German Soil, 1944-1945 (Cambridge University Press, 2021). It actually focuses entirely on the defence of East Prussia, and is a wide ranging thematic study of East Prussian society and the behaviour of the Wehrmacht. Thoroughly recommended.
  4. The last shot is very atmospheric. Looking forward to 2021!
  5. Very much looking forward to trying this out. My thanks for you hard work - now onto CMFI
  6. Yeah, this fixed it for me, though I could swear blind that I had already installed 2.04!
  7. They are one and the same. When you get to the briefing screen, it is named TDG 04-7 etc.
  8. Great! Thanks for taking the time to do these.
  9. Completely agree with the comments above. An amazing collective piece of work - my thanks to you all.
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