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  1. Note that I am not advocating a public bug tracking system. Don't really care about that. But what I find really questionable is that whenever a bug is reported by an ordinary forum user, and there is a reply with a request for a screenshot or save file. Then that ordinary forum user cannot directly attach it due to the forum policy on attachment sizes. For me that means I will explain a bug in writing no problem, but principally will not put in any effort to transfer any image or save.
  2. Can you attach such screenshots directly to the forum here? I am still in the stone age with a 2 MB total upload limit for for all posts combined....
  3. Nice to know. What is the reason to conserve this difference among titles? I would think with the E4 upgrade, they could have chosen the optimal size compromise, and just apply that to all the E4 upgraded games. I suppose the 16x16 tiles are the washed out terrain for in the distance. Though I remember it sometimes renders all terrain 'washed out' for a brief time, whenever there is a framerate hick-up or something. Sounds like manual mipmapping https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mipmap.
  4. I loaded up a saved game. Retreated all other units to prolong the mission. Seemingly delaying the enemy surrender another 12 minutes. But at the end no reload of that .50cal MG was done.
  5. That vehicle has room for three people, but only two were inside.
  6. Was just playing a mission where I had only a single Dutch Fennek (MRAT) to mop up some resistance. It had its 12,7 MG text turned gray, though component status was undamaged (green). Not firing anymore, with plenty of targets around. In the vehicle storage were 900 .50cal AP-I rounds remaining. Did I just get impatient with the reload time? or does it not reload? and if so, then why bring those rounds?
  7. Pretty sure the topics below have issues left. (With the first quote I am aiming at the Vehicle stowage and LOD switching issue on page 3 and 4)
  8. Thanks a lot for this campaign! I see all campaigns are now SF2 level, no old ones remaining. I just noticed something, which is not really a concern for me, but may be a concern for some people owning only some of the three expansion modules: With this highland games campaign the Marines Module pops up as a requirement. As shown by the lights above the module icons. Same thing happened with the initial release of the SF2 "Semper Fi" Marines campaign, where it required a NATO module vehicle. That is fixed already.
  9. Regarding "Model" setting. You know about different "Level of Detail" models for the same items? Like the 3D modeller is supposed to supply like 3 or 4 models of the same tank, with increasing amount of polygons and details***. The main one is just for looking up close. The lowest polygon one is for in the distance. The "Model" setting will change the distances involved here. *** Yes, this is tedious work. But most professional game developers do this. While modders of 3D objects often neglect it. It is only recently that Epic (Unreal Engine) announced they have a practical automated in-g
  10. Very glad to read positive remarks about the v4.03 tactical AI behavior. I haven't played enough to really comment on it myself, other then that the "Foliage Runners" test map no longer shows the weird behavior that was in CMBN v4.01/v4.02 before. I was in a bit of a limbo with this CMBN issue, where it felt like I needed to keep v3.12, v4.00 and v4.02 at hand to have the best experience for a certain scenario, eventually just playing another CM game instead of CMBN. But I trust v4.03 has made things right again. :)
  11. For completeness: CMSF2 v2.04 patch level no longer has the AAV problem I described earlier: QB, US Marines, mix force, automatic selection -> is now quite good, infantry with HMMWVs, LAV-25s and sometimes an M1 Abrams. Awesome!
  12. CMFB v2.03 patch level still has the same undesirable behavior: QB, US Army, mix force, automatic selection -> Preference for 'Flamethrower platoon' = full of tanks. CMSF2 v2.04 patch level no longer has the AAV problem I described earlier: QB, US Marines, mix force, automatic selection -> is now quite good, infantry with HMMWVs, LAV-25s and sometimes an M1 Abrams. Awesome!
  13. Love the addition of the lend-lease vehicles like the Sherman tanks. I see no shadows below or beside the vehicles, or anything else for that matter. It seems you are playing with the shadow casting option disabled, yes? Edit: Just considered it is overcast weather, which of course tones down the shadows. Though, it is still a bit odd. I can see the shadow of the barrel of the tanks on the tank hull, but no shadow at all on the ground.
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