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  1. Remarkable! I suspect the recent bits of information about "Combat Mission Professional" inspired people to make that particular footage.
  2. CMSF2 Quick Battle Map Previews For the Sim/Game "Combat Mission: Shock Force 2" Consisting of 141 images in jpeg format. Note that the system used for rendering the maps had its limitations in 3D Graphics power. So as usual the Combat Mission game engine automatically reduces detail in the scene. Some foliage further up may not be visible and textures in the distance become low resolution. Only for use with the Combat Mission games, other then that, this package is free and non-profit. ---------------- Download from this place: http://www.gb-homepage.nl/index.htm (Select "Combat Mission" in left navigation window)
  3. There are some other vehicles like this. I counted 4: https://community.battlefront.com/topic/138927-fire-and-rubble-possible-bugs/page/9/
  4. Not only you, I am with you there. I remember it was a Microsoft recommendation for developers to use the 'My Documents' for such, introduced at the time of Windows Vista.
  5. I tried it once. The steam CMSF2 has the 'Game Files' folders as a subfolder of the Game folder, where the executable is. Same goes for the Slitherine version of CMBS. They do not use the My Documents folder like the Battlefront versions. EDIT: As for Erwin's initial question. This page seems like a good reference for all the latest version numbers: https://www.battlefront.com/patches
  6. This listing seems to have brz tools for multiple platforms: Windows, Linux and Macintosh: https://modtools.roszkowski.org/ Edit: Yeah link was borked, as it was pasted twice.
  7. When I do an internet search on the title, this comes up: https://pro.matrixgames.com/game/combat-mission-professional-edition
  8. I read somewhere that the blast command for a wall should point to the clear space behind the wall, not on the wall itself. I have been using it like that in CMCW tiny town QB map a lot, there were no issues.
  9. Here is most of it, by sttp: https://community.battlefront.com/topic/126849-qb-map-pdfs/ I was working on those of CMSF2 myself, almost finished.
  10. I remember this behavior from when I had a newly installed OS, and had not installed the sound card driver yet. IIRC the nasty thing is that the CM games do not give any message about what is wrong, so it took me while to figure they needed a sound driver to start.
  11. ... So I considered doing the same for the M48, and then it was done. Or rather, mostly done. Erasing the camo was a bit tedious.
  12. IMHO this is not it. The OpenGL driver related files are few and small, and they are installed by default. Intel does not offer a sole OpenGL driver package (as far as an internet search goes). Also I never installed a separate OpenGL driver, ever, and always have working OpenGL. Earlier I tried it with an intel UHD620 based system myself, and Black Sea demo worked without doing anything special.
  13. "module icon gustav line.bmp" looks like a flag with a horizontal border through the middle.
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