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  1. Panzer IIIG - When aiming its cannon vertically, like lower, its rotation hinge point is wrong, and the gun+shield look like they are detaching. Edit: The older model from Battle for Normandy - Market Garden, (771.973 bytes) works OK in this regard, but won't support tank riders.
  2. Panzer III Flame - Game allows tank riders here, but the model does not support it, so those guys become invisible.
  3. T-34-85 (1944 Latest) - The front fenders are gone when looking at the tank from the front, but they appear when looking more from the back.
  4. I don't know why that gear shows up. But I did come up with an idea of what I see, it is a lower detail model flashing through. Together with the helmet issue, it makes me think the lower detail models of the 1980 US soldiers here, are basically files from WW2 GI's or something. So then next up is the BTR-70. it is way too big. I am probably not making myself popular here. But the 3D model work of the newly introduced items is below the quality that I came to expect. Though luck. I don't think me nagging is really gonna change that situation. Someone skilled at the DEV-side with ac
  5. When zooming in on US infantry, and rapidly mouse-clicking on them, I see extra pockets and gear flashing in and out again? The soviets don't show such, CMRT does not show such either.
  6. Regarding the MG gunner of either an M113A1 or M113A2, with a squad inside. When the MG gunner dies, none of the squad take over the MG gunner position, unless you unload the squad and then load them back in.
  7. It is not a block or DRM, at least nothing more then it used to be, just a minor change to a format. You are misstating the intent. If they wanted to block/DRM you really, and put effort in that, it would be different.
  8. I am not talking about me or you. I am just stating what it obviously going on. I tested the block you suggested, as stated in my previous message. It does not exist.
  9. Yeah, basically I don't disagree with request for keeping things open, and to empower the end user. But the trend with modern software is to centralize things, lock things, decrease choices. For example: I would be nagging Microsoft a lot, if I think it helped. It does not. And they set the trend of what is business as usual. As a test: I managed to convert FR_Batzlow-1040x1040-Forest-Meeting-01.btt to show up in CM Cold War, just now. It needed a little more then the usual hex-edit, but not much.
  10. Yeah, and I demand the game's source code. I haven't seen any new sort of locking myself. Only found that CMSF2 map format is entirely noninterchangeable with everything else. Which is probably because of CMSF1 legacy compatibility. That is all.
  11. BTR-60PB / BTR-60PBK: Hatch disappears when opened up. (Need sufficient crew to open up)
  12. The Silhouette icons for the soviet tanks need some tinkering: There are several that show no heavy MG on the top of the turret, while the actual model has one.
  13. I added "music intro.wav" from the Normandy game to CW. Then started both games with the same volume setting that makes the music only just audible. Sounds exactly the same to me. No problem. (Windows)
  14. For completeness: One would also expect "sup panel background redforce patch.bmp" to be used by the game, like blue. But that image remains unused. So the best compromise is to make the larger master backdrop in the red force color.
  15. Either that, or supply all the sold games with a coupon, for a free powerful graphics card?
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