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  1. book Typenkompass, Panzer der Bundeswehr, seit 1956 - by mr. Anweiler and Pahlkotter. Freely translated by me: The mKPz M 47 were gradually replaced by the M 48 from 1958 onward. In the middle of the 60's the last were phased out.
  2. Neither have I found a better book source for such things. These books are indispensable. And it also goes for military aircraft, e.g. the changes between their subversions.
  3. Page 3 of this CMFI R2V "bugs and stuff" thread mentions most of these vehicles.
  4. Indeed. Like I said, CMFB QB US mix force is most borked. It is totally biased for selecting a "Flamethrower Platoon", which in practice means that it spends all points on different M4 shermans. You can test it by setting QB force to 'Human selection' instead and pressing "Suggestions" a dozen times in the units interface.
  5. Be prepared though. Animated GIF format from 1987 is the way of the future, and youtube will soon consist mostly of animated GIFs. Really I am not complaining. I kinda like them. Thanks for making these.
  6. Yeah, there was ever only the initial version of the manual. There is also only the initial TO&E https://www.battlefront.com/fortress-italy/cmfi-rome-to-victory-module/?tab=toe Still has the SPW 251/21 Ausf. D listed, with Drilling 20mm. There was also a Sherman M4(105) that was removed IIRC.
  7. It depends a lot on which game and which QB parameters. Like the current CMFB v2.03 US mix force picker is borked (Flamethrower platoon), same goes for CMSF2 Marines mix force (AAVs). CMFI v2.11 German mix force picker has issues in 1943 (Panther bunkers). The other mix force auto pickers do better. But it is still miles away from something that can be called 'AI'. (Where is the line where a bunch algorithms can be called AI anyways?). I have never seen the 9 flail tank + 1 normal tank selection before, so I wonder; how to reproduce that one? In general this part of the game alw
  8. Logically and historically one cannot just jump into the mil-sim market from nowhere and expect to make much of an impression. Maybe in the 90's, but not in the past 2 decades. Need all these 3D assets for vehicles for one, and the customers will be eager to do rivet-counting on those. Hey we have Close Combat "The Bloody First" trying something like this. And the subtitle is appropriate.
  9. Panther Bunker formation seems to be available in juli 1943 already, but holds no actual content until spring 1944. Still the QB auto force selection loves to pick some of these empty formations, which have a cost of 50 each.
  10. This page shows M4A2(75) with 60 (edit: 57) degrees glacis and small hatches, as well as the later 47 degrees with large hatches: http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/sherman_types/m4a2/m4a2.html Also there are the usual 75mm turret variations: Rear bustle low or high, Applique armor yes or no, Hatches configurations etc.
  11. I was never in the army, nor was the army around much. But there appeared a sorting center for cold war military clothing and gear in this town around 1990. There were very interesting things there, even in the waste heap. Like ranks, emblems, instruction books, trifolds, training desinfectants for chemical warfare, gasmasks, helmets, portable cooker fuel tablets etc. In my early teens I played around in the park wearing the emblem of "Regiment Stoottroepen" (assault troops) and the rank of Major on my shoulders. Good times.
  12. But this Cold War game takes the balancing to another level, seemingly introducing a "Balanced Battalion (Task Force)" https://www.battlefront.com/cold-war/cmcw-base-game/?tab=toe
  13. I was just wondering the same thing. Was that US vehicle camo scheme not supposed to change every season as well? Would be fine with me if it weren't though. Edit: MERDC camo is the name. In general: Looking forward to this CMCW. Great choice of subject.
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