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  1. Found the error in the Assault version of the map: Editor -> Mission -> Battle Type: Change Axis Assault into Allied Assault. Save it.
  2. Just found the "Meet" version: QB 058 But now it is called Meet LARGE Village. Same size though.
  3. Regarding the "*** Med Village QB-059.btt" maps. When I load it for a Probe or Attack quick battle, and I play as the attacker, then I properly can setup in a small corner of the map. When I load it as an Assault game type, playing the attacker again, I get most of the map as a setup zone. My soldiers are initially facing their own setup zone, instead of the enemy direction. I opened the different variations of that map in the editor, but I don't see any difference that could be causing it. Is it just me or is there something odd going on? (PS. Was there not a "Meet" versi
  4. No problem. It is easy for me to check the older versions. Although I never purchased TRPs before, I managed to find them under Fortifications.
  5. 150 points for 5 TRPs in CMFB v1.02 150 points for 5 TRPs in CMBN v3.12
  6. Quick Battle map: Village (624 X 784) 257a1.btt has no terrain objectives. I suppose at minimum it should have 1 blue terrain objective, for the scoring system.
  7. Yes it sucks, and I hope one of these days auto-mix force selection can actually be trusted to make for an enjoyable game. But for now it is like this, as written earlier in this topic already: *start quote* Yes, obviously for some factions this is mandatory. *end quote* Never seen that before. weird.
  8. Yeah that is a never ending loop indeed. Funny.
  9. Ah. The difference is that with a 'tiny' force the AAV formations are never selected. With a 'small' or larger force they are. So when testing such the force size has to be considered.
  10. I cannot really determine from your screenshot. But I do know there is one typical thing about some CM updates: The setup extracts some data from the setup executable and after that it copies any .brz data files that reside in the same folder to the destination. OR it copies just anything that resides in the same folder to the destination. So if the upgrade patch is NOT started from its own subfolder, you can get the situation where it starts copying things that nobody intended to get copied.
  11. Nice find! Indeed when looking the ground-mini tiles, like a 64x64 pixel one, it seems to hold a pattern of 4 by 4 tiles of 16x16 pixels each.
  12. Another bug about US infantry: US infantry seems to have at least three detail-levels, in their 3D models, and the second detail level is bugged. The soldier's feet are tied together with some bad polygon or something. In other words: when you look at these soldiers from an intermediate distance their feet are like an oversized brown patch.
  13. Let me add this example: In CMSF2 Quick Battle I was flanking the main enemy force (computer) on the side of a hill. Now the enemy force was also split without my knowledge, and enemy vehicles came over the top of that hill, onto my position there: Surprised me. Caused havoc. But the computer then drove these vehicle 30 meters further and waited there with their backsides facing the survivors of my force. My survivors could acquire some AT weapons and finish them off one by one. AI plan was to go to that spot apparently. It found that spot more important then my survivors. I do
  14. Here are some links. The first one; "QB map pdfs", is just that. Previews of the stock QB maps. The other links below contain posts were MarkEzra explains things concerning the Quick Battle system and its maps. MarkEzra created and converted most Quick Battle maps in the Combat Mission games. Finally, here is small table I made outlining the different game and map types in Quick Battles. Tiny quick battle CMFI v2.02 total points of both sides = 2347 or 2348 Attacker Defender Meet 1174 1174 Both sides have similar setup zones, Terrain / casualties VP
  15. Good to have that in proper perspective. And glad to hear that the Italy base game was a success (commercially I assume). Seems it makes for three winners: Battlefront for a successful game, The investor for eventually getting 3 Italy based games instead of 1, and the normal customers for also being able to play all of those for customer pricing.
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