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  1. My Dragon team actually connect, twice in a row at 315ms, and both shockingly just splat on the beast's turret. It gives my infantry that, "Ok, what now? Like flinging rocks at it." type feeling. One at least, hopefully, damaged the gunner's sight.
  2. I watched a bunch of them and, seriously, every single one of the soldiers interviewed on both sides seem like knuckle dragging, uneducated, ignorant rubes. Just my humble opinion. Sad.
  3. Can I make a request? I am loving your dirty version of both the German and British unis. If you have the time can you do a dirty version of the US ACU? Just a thought!
  4. Hey all, Does anyone have the Task Force Narwick campaign to send me? It's not up at The Few Good Men. Also looking for Wrong Turn at Albuquerque for CMBS if anyone has a copy of that as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey all, I know at one time I had a mod for German woodland green flectarn camo and now I can't find it or one anywhere. Does anyone have a copy of it or know where it can be found? Thanks in advance!
  6. Haha! I went back and watched and now noticed!! All these years and...that was not what I pictured the Great Oz to look like, hehe. I had always thought of him in sunglasses with a boonie hat and wearing some obscure camo. And congrats on the award! Very cool! I've always loved all the language variations in CM games. I've learned over the past 20 years how to yell, "my leg, my leg!" in many different languages.
  7. I saw the same thing but then saw that it was not really accepted into any national force after the fact. And to this day we are still using the old reliable M2. So, yeah, I was just really curious. I've also heard and read many tales that the M60A3s optics were better than the new M1 and curious what the difference was there as well.
  8. Ok, I know I am really late to the party here... But, I have been deeply engrossed in this campaign and am really just loving the whole thing. The tension going out on patrol is palpable and you really really become attached to your squads. I know exactly how many casualties I have suffered so far and felt every one. I am currently on the mission where I have the new outpost and have set an ambush in the woods and need to test the river depth. I'm just gnashing my teeth figuring out how to get down the river test spots in a valley full of Taliban. I think smoke is my friend here. Anyway, I've suffered 3 WIA and 1 KIA. The KIA was due to a suicide bomber in the assassination mission. Just wanted to say thanks! This campaign is fantastic!
  9. Ha! You are being sarcastic? Please do explain more! Was it that terrible?
  10. Really interesting, thank you! Ha, agreed!
  11. Very cool thanks! I think I would feel a lot better in a BMP that swims instead of driving across the bottom of a river bed in a 48 ton tank. Just seems to me that the last place a tank should ever be is under water, haha! Tanks always have that catch-22 of feeling safer on the battlefield but at the same time being complete magnets for enemy fire and then when they do get hit it's usually pretty violent and spectacular. I am not sure if I would feel safer in one or outside of one, boots on the ground.
  12. Wow. Yeah, agreed. Exactly what my fear would be too.
  13. Whoa!! I'm surprised I have never seen them deployed before. Yeah, big NO thanks!!
  14. Yes!! I was talking about the one ringed in blue! It is a snorkel! Ha, I was right! Thank you!
  15. Not the barrels on back but the cylindrical tubes attached directly to the back of the turrets.
  16. Hello all, I know someone here knows... What is the long horizontal cylinder thing (sometimes two of them) on the back of Russian tanks? My guess is a snorkel? I'm probably wrong, please do tell!
  17. It looks like a few rounds actually penetrated the side. This was at about 150m.
  18. Three BMP-3Ms chopped away with their 30mm cannons for a good 45 seconds at this Bulat, but it was a T-72 that finally ended him. His gun is holed all over the place.
  19. Hey all, Maybe this has already been posted somewhere on here before? Anyway, just stumbled across this and have found it really informative and interesting. I've been really enjoying both Black Sea and Cold War lately and loved the MRB tactical training scenario in getting to actually employ the Soviet Doctrine of the time and see how it actually works in practice! It made me wonder how different their doctrine is now as related to the Cold War. Well, here you go! https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/Hot Spots/Documents/Russia/2017-07-The-Russian-Way-of-War-Grau-Bartles.pdf
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