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  1. One more to the list. My cc, which I rarely use, was compromised after it was used to buy SF2. Fortunately my bank caught it early and new card is on the way. Still sucks though.
  2. Decided to make a new little test because why not. CMBN 3.12 this time. This time range is 360 (closest squad)-400 (farthest squad) metres and US infantry platoon without bazookas are against a stug (all reg, 0/0). Infantry is spaced along 400 meter wide flat map. 3 scout teams are detached and ordered run laterally. Stug is again buttoned and no orders given but driven back at 360m when reversing after loader dies . And here are the results for 10 runs: Run 1: Turn 5 loader and commander died Run 2 Turn 6 loader died. Scout teams died, end of the run, commander survived Run
  3. I made a quick test in CMRT to the stug roof mg behavior. A flat map with a single buttoned stug (mid) and 4 soviet maxims in trenches. Range is 260m and the mgs are placed in front right and left of the stug (little less than 45 angle). First I gave no orders and nothing interesting happened. The stug took some time to detect the maxims and then opened up with main gun. Then I decided to wake the stug with some movement. I gave lateral quick order to two teams from left to right and vice versa. Two maxims are going stay in trenches. Now the stug spots the moving teams and engage.
  4. Just tried the demo scenario. I find the stug behaviour frustrating too. I lined up stugs 300m from the town and ordered them to button down. A little later instead of safely engaging solely with main gun, loaders pop up with mg and get greeted by a hail of bullets (and casulties). I quit the scenario. I believe this suicide stug thing was introduced with 3.0. engine. Before that they obeyed button orders better.
  5. Out of curiosity I decided to test the 3.12 patch and I too noticed that Priest is missing in QB just like User100 described. I have the base game + CW + MG (NO VP or BP). Edit: Tried to set US force type to armor and selected automatic purchase -> crash
  6. Regarding the screenshots, they look great, but I've noticed that some of the models (i.e. king tiger) are missing radio aerials. They look a bit naked when sided with a vehicle with aerials .
  7. I have experienced the 26% crash in SP three times. One in a stock scenario, started in 1.02, one in the german campaign, started in 1.02 and one in the soviet campaign which was started pre-patch. Saves available if needed.
  8. Very disappointed to hear that . I'd like to upgrade CMBN too but don't want break the game with upgrade.
  9. I'm curious about the patch status as well. The game has been on hold for a while because of the 'troops can't go inside bug' . I just tested the demo and the same bug still exists.
  10. I'm experiencing the same problem. Tested with both test scenarios and the troops did act as you described. My specs: Intel core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30 GHz 8gt RAM Geforce GT 630M (335.23 drivers) Win 7 sp1 Fortunatly the second mission of the Soviet campaign doesn't feature single story buildings
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