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Not seem to have new module this Christmas

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And we all should really think Normal Dude for this revelation: he was immediately stripped of Beta Tester status when BFC found out he told us! Thanks Normal Dude for this self-sacrifice to keep us informed! How will we ever repay you?

Now that we know development is dead, I guess we should all go and start work on trying ourselves to hack the binary to support the features that we want...


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Speaking of the new module:

I've been looking over board wargames that would make a good operational layer for the Commonwealth/SS/FJ module, in the same way I've been using St-Lo so for vanilla CMBN so far. Unfortunately it seems the British sector hasn't been wargamed as well or as thoroughly at battalion/company scale as the US sector (bracing to be flamed here). But I now have a copy of Panzer Genadier:Beyond Normandy and I think it will do nicely, even though its scale is between tactical and operational -- units are platoons, maps are 200m per hex, and battles can be fought with forces as large as brigades. The scenario book as 50 (!) scenarios covering the June-July battles for Hill 112 southwest of Caen, and they'd all be easy to set up as CMBN scenarios.

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