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  1. Most objects look wonderful to me! Sometimes I forget that this is a tactical game. I would love to see a few more animations, like troops holding the rifle at trail and the occasional waving or gesturing nco or officer or tank commander. A kind of water semitransparency also would be nice. The one thing which like to see more expanded is vehicle damage. Not neccessarily as detailed as in "Theatre of war", but the occasional turret of or askew and loose tracks and some more damage to softskins like loss of a wheel would be great.
  2. ToW series relied to heavily on triggers for my taste. But it gave a impression of what they could do. I think they would also improve replayability of scenarios. The idea of not being certain which of several routes an attacker takes is what I love.
  3. I am confident we get the best possible UI enhancement mod from you, thank you Juju.
  4. Thirded. Jujus UI to me is essential :-)
  5. Maybe it's been an early model for development purposes which somehow slippped final quality control?
  6. Yep, me too. Looks more like placeholder textures on some surfaces to me. Looking forward to the new module.
  7. Yes, but their My little Pony Adventure will rule all other little Pony adventures! And the DVD will come in a limited pink uber fluffy book edition.
  8. I think they went off with all the money they made... They lie on carribean beaches and sip caipirinhas all day long
  9. I like it that they are not muddied to beyond recognition Very good work Fuser.
  10. One can never have to much of a good thing. However I don't think it will be this year. Early spring or easter next year I say with the following modules somewhat faster.
  11. "It's a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way to home..." Halte seit eben mein Stahlbuch fest in Händen und bin tief gerührt. Daß ich das noch erlebe! 10,56 Teuro hat die liebe Nachbarin vorgestreckt. To Battlefront: No damage, everything works as advertised.
  12. Agreed, please Battlefront fix or do sumfink.
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