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  1. YankeeDog, I seem to recall hearing that some of the assault was reenacted for taping and propaganda purposes after the fort was captured. Wasn't the assault also notable for the early use of shaped charges to take out the heavy fortified turrets?
  2. Oh ok, cool, good to finally know where this video came from. I've seen in so many times.
  3. There is this one video clip that I have seen used very often in WW2 documentaries to describe all sorts of situation. It starts off showing a view down a canal or waterway of some type then all of the sudden a massive explosion occurs and a bunch of debris is thrown toward the camera. The video quality was sort of poor and grainy and of course black and white. For some reason I seem to remember the origin of this clip was from German propaganda footage of some early war assault (maybe the Maginot Line?). Anyone else remember the one I'm talking about?
  4. Boche, haven't seen any newer documentaries in a while that I knew were totally "grogish". Sometimes I will start watching something I think looks really intelligently done and historically accurate and then all of the sudden they will throw in some picture or clip that I know for certain from experience that doesn't belong to the place and time of the subject matter. These three older ones are pretty solid The War (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0996994/) The World At War (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071075/) Battlefield (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120926/)
  5. I've seen many many TV WW2 documentaries use footage that simply "fits" the situation or setting. If this was the case with the clip you saw, they might have just thought a fitting clip with a PzIV would be cool and no one would ever question it. The majority of the documentaries are for non-grogs.
  6. I've never ever seen the "Shot shatter" hit text after many hours of play but it may be modeled under the hood. It's really rare that we get confirmation on something like this though, for whatever reason.
  7. I fully agree with the topic of this thread but I am also filthy drunk. Blarg! This was hard ti write
  8. Not to be an ass about it but I think this is something like the 30th iteration of this thread/question.
  9. Holien, I experienced this with a 60mm mortar. I had access to 18 rounds of 60mm HE from a dead squad mate but upon completing buddy aid, all of it dissapeared with the body (possibly ascended into a higher plane of ammo existence) :-)
  10. There is a abstraction in CMBN already that sort of creates the "pre-battle camo" effect, for AT guns at least. The effect is nowhere near what I would like to see and not exactly what you all are talking about. Here is the somewhat vague statement on page 88 of the CMBN manual that states... "Note: anti-tank guns that are deployed in the Setup Phase and do not move or rotate are harder for the enemy to spot!" I have always interpretted this as meaning those units get a concealment bonus. I would very much like to know if infantry units and/or HMG units hidden since setup gain this same concealment bonus if they remain in position and don't move until they engage the enemy.
  11. Stubborn silence, AKA (too busy working to post silence) as with most other questions and game issues.
  12. The German Sd Kfz 7 (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sd.Kfz._7) could tow the 88mm Flak 36 but is not yet included in the game. Like a lot of larger artillery pieces the gun was just too much for the Opel trucks to handle and thus they require special purpose gun tractors.
  13. Ahh, yes, the rare Kubel-Quad. Testbed prototype for the dual driver concept. It was scrapped after extensive testing showed the second driver was completely useless. :-)
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