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The refresh Monkeys have escaped again.

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Guys, I have some bad news from insider info: "One of the refresh monkeys broke in the BFC lab and ate part of Charles brain in a jar. Unfortunately what is left of the tissue is only capable of coding an RTS with health bars and LOS limited to 50m".

Brits delayed??:

"This affects the Brit module release as well. A last minute glitch found in the inf AI code is beyond fixing. Steve, Dan and Madmatt have joined forces to patch it but they only managed to convert the whole british infantry to bren tripods by mistake".

Now, who's monkey was that??

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Ah, that means you only have blue-level access.

Blue-level? That's not blue-level access, I think it's more like pink-level.

I on the otherhand have a kinda lime greenish-level access and even I don't...

Nevermind, forget that I said anything.

Now I'm off for the weekend to do some serious F5:ing!


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