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  1. As we know the new map editor includes an overlay function to allow for placement of terrain items using standard JPG captures. What you cannot as easily replicate are the terrain data to recreate real terrain features from sources like Google Earth. The video below illustrates how to create customizable elevation data using only Google Earth and Sketchup. The Pro (paid) version of Sketchup is not required to complete this method. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4J9sWEZR6E Keep in mind you will want to export the resulting contour lines in a 2D compatible format to use with the overlay function.
  2. A little ST trivia: The busty blonde in this episode went on later to perform in a hand full of hardcore porn films (Angelique Pettyjohn). Why she left that wonderful planet of talking brains is anyone's guess...maybe they ran out of hairspray?
  3. Look Jon, I don't want to get in a pissing match with you about this. I respect your opinion and knowledge of the topics we cover on this board. The numbers and info I have posted are quite accurate. Why is it so hard to accept that someone else might have a clue what they are talking about?
  4. "Do you often find that misrepresenting what people say works out well for you?" Do you? I clearly stated the likely effects relative to building damage and the effects on the occupants. Nowhere did I say anything about "walking around" or "fighting out of" such a building after the blast had already occurred. That is "totally irrelevant" as you are so fond of pointing out to other people on this forum.
  5. 1 psi Window glass shatters. Light injuries from fragments occur. 3 psi Residential structures collapse. Serious injuries are common, fatalities may occur. 5 psi Most buildings collapse. Injuries are universal, fatalities are widespread. 10 psi Reinforced concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished. Most people are killed. 20 psi Heavily built concrete buildings are severally damaged or demolished. Fatalities approach 100%. The wall of a building exposed to that "measly" 38 pounds of TNT from 10 ft. away is over 130 PSI. Still think it's nothing? Physics say otherwise. Human Injury Humans have an amazing resistance to overpressure. Lethal amounts approach 40 psi which is staggering. The only permanent injury sustained is the loss of eardrums. However, an indirect effect does occur to human casualties. Due to the massive winds and pressure created by the blast wave, tons of debris is hurled through the air, not to mention people themselves. The flying debris, (and people) cause massive amounts of casualties such as impalements in the head, chest and abdomen, and broken bones [5].
  6. If you really want to complain about artillery modelling in the game - how about artillery effects on buildings (and occupants). I know that CM2 isn't a demolition simulator, but the effects of heavy artillery and bombing on structures isn't even close to the severity one would see in real life. I watched two 8-inch shells directly impact a 2-story brick building and the model showed no signs of damage whatsoever. Neither of the 2 squads in the building showed any injuries. Each of those shells pack about 38 pounds of high explosive - more than enough to devastate a building even that size. Not to mention the fact those shells would likely have penetrated through the light roof of the structure and exploded internally creating massive pressure loads inside the building (and it's occupants). If getting the exacting penetrating potential of a 75mm tank shell vs. the glacis of a Tiger tank at 400 meters is so important, why isn't this?
  7. Men vs. Tanks in Daraya Rebels duke it out with a Syrian Army T-72 raid.
  8. Actually, the original source page says 1"=50 m, so the entire should be something like 2.4 Km x 4.8 Km, quite large. That's computed by each square being 600 meters.
  9. I guess the Marines were more trigger-happy: http://www.ww2gyrene.org/role_ammo.htm
  10. This little fella strongly disagrees.... heh. this reminds me a little of some of the "more gore" posters that flash onto the forum occasionally and then disappear almost as quickly.
  11. So what your saying is that only a few of the objects have any characteristics at all? The rest are just phantoms (for game purposes). Fair enough, but is there any chance we could get a listing for these objects and how they work in the game? I'd like to utilize them for whatever benefit can be had for map design purposes. You say logs might be treated as solid objects in the game?
  12. It was my understanding that flavor objects in the CMX2 engine did not provide concealment but did provide cover. Some simple testing in CMBN showed me otherwise. Enemy troops were able to shoot through any depth of the "crate" object which I stacked in front of my defenders. I stacked up to 7 deep objects and rounds were passing right through them. Is the cover effect not cumulative? Or is there actually any cover being provided at all?
  13. I think you're probably right, although there could be variations in the game if BFC intended to add such. As it is, they should probably decide on a fixed value for these items and remove the quality characteristics, so players can't "shave" points back from them during quick battles.
  14. I would like a movement command that allows troops to form up in a skirmish line instead of the strung out line which all the other commands use.
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