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  1. Brilliant stuff, wamphyri! I'd be game to give it a go if had more time. In the meantime, I remember from way back that BFT said it took a surprisingly long time to get it onto google play. Since then NOTHING. Can someone please update us as to what is going on? Have they given up? Are they still trying? Or is it going to appear some time soon? :confused::mad::confused::mad:
  2. Unfortunately, that's not the news we want. If you don't live in the US (or Europe I hear) you cannot get CM for touch on Android. That's why we are waiting for an international release, such as what we hope will happen on Google Aps We heard that it was taking a long time to get it on Google Aps, but that was a long time ago. Really, what's the news?
  3. Total envy from me. When is this thing finally migrating to Google Play? There is an (impatient) international audience waiting for its release!
  4. Wow, joined 2003, and this your first post! The excitement must be considerable Unfortunately the waiting and refreshing goes on for those like me who must wait its delivery to Google play before we can even get access to it. Nice one Col. Klank!
  5. Thanks for the reply, its good to hear.
  6. How frustrating! It finally comes out for Android, but when it does its unavailable outside the US. 1) I'm just wondering what this 'exclusive' deal with Amazon entails. Does it mean that it will never be on google play, and thus unavailable to the rest of the world? Or will its release be delayed just until any bugs are ironed out? 2) My particular machine (ASUS transformer, TF201) is unlisted, though I'm pretty sure it has the grunt to run it. So, if somebody in the US can find out for me and other transformer users, I'd be grateful.
  7. yes! I've just got the transformer TF201, Tegra 3 quad, and this would be a step up in gaming quality for it. Come on, release it already!
  8. Any suggestions for H2H scenarios that don't involve bocage? With its restricted LOS and meatgrinding methodology I don't find attacking through it much fun.
  9. Nice one Stikkypixie! I'm trying it out now. A couple of questions: 1) I presume it works for CMSF just a easily as CMBN... right? 2) One of the stages is taking a long time: "getting all mails from ____@gmail.com". Would it be correct to say that this step would be a lot shorter if you archived your gmail as much as possible? I ask this because I haven't archived my gmail for years! So, now I guess it has to sort through 5000 odd e-mails dating back years, just looking for those from my PBEM opponent... Anyway, I'll let it run for a while longer. Cheers
  10. Speaking from an entirely objective point of view, natch.
  11. The second picture is this It shows a wooden barn. Wouldn't bullets penetrate this fairly easily? And if you knew the enemy were inside such a barn, I'm sure you would hose it down and cause casulties. However, if you are inside, I don't expect you would be able to shoot out, since you could not see who to shoot. It would be quite a different situation for a brick or stone building which bullets could not penetrate. Just my idle two pence. I'm sure a barn grog will step in to talk up the bullet absorbing propensities of Normandy farm buildings...
  12. Don't just talk about it: get a screen shot of the original, open up CMBN and get screenshot from the same angle. Give us evidence! Support your accusations! Chat is too easy, show us the proof! Seems the obvious thing to do.
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