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  1. Any suggestions for H2H scenarios that don't involve bocage? With its restricted LOS and meatgrinding methodology I don't find attacking through it much fun.
  2. By the sounds of it, LLF is (sensibly) parceling it up into scenarios that won't require the entire map. I think otherwise we would have a fair bit of a wait before computing power catches up to play it. An incredible achievement!
  3. An update. The tanks have apparently arrived for the South Sudanese (largely Christian & black, aided by Israel) to bolster their defense against several hundred chinese made tanks that the North Sudanese (largely Muslim & Arabic, aided by Iran) have on hand. After several more shipments, the South are estimated to have 100 or so T72. Add into this mix a recent discovery of large deposits of oil on the border of these two regions and the fuze has been lit for a local confrontation. The piracy bringing these shipments to world attention certainly had the potential to embar
  4. Hey, Ali Baba, did you get your map back? It looks beautiful and I wanted to use it.
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