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  1. AFAIK every vehicle in the game is at least capable of having this sort of variations , and many if not most already feature it in the stock game. Soldiers and equipment can have the same variations as well. That's how soldiers have different faces.
  2. There seems to be an implied 'exit objective', a small green strip on the far end of the map beyond the suburbs. On my first playthrough of mission one, I noticed that about 80% of the enemy were located in one building near the center of the suburbs. This obviously made the mission very easy .
  3. There is no friendly fire from small arms or grenads in Shock Force. Everything from RPG's up will cause friendly fire.
  4. Well, have fun, now's definately the time to get back in the game, it's come a very long way since 1.01.
  5. Mark, I think that it may be a game problem, as per my post. You're not allowed to give an embark order for the first turn, it always displays a yellow arrow.
  6. Not exactly that they don't start close enough. But you'll notice in that mission that there are two blue rectangles painted on the ground. One is occupied by the Strykers, and one by the infantry. These are the setup zones. Before the game starts, you can move units anywhere within their setup zone, but you can't move them to other setup zones. This is why it won't allow you to embark them before the game starts. However, there is nothing preventing you from giving preliminary orders to the infantry to move next to the Strykers during the setup phase; do this as you would give a movement orde
  7. Just tried it. It seems that you're right, it won't let you load in the first turn (yellow icon), presumably because the strykers and the infantry are in different zones. However, at the beginning of the second turn, I give each squad an embark order (each to a differnt stryker) and they all board within 30 seconds. When you've selected a squad, selected a movement type, and hover the mouse over the vehicle, does it show up green or yellow? You can only embark if it's green.
  8. I think they do, barring an overcrowded vehicle or some strange anomaly with your install. Are you left clicking on the vehicle? It should be exactly the same as another movement order you give, except clicking on the vehicle rather than the ground.
  9. Because it would be redundant when there are already 3 commands that do it.
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