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Who All Is A Vet?

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Still serving. 10 years now.


What battalion were you in in 6th ID(L)? I was there 91-94. I was in 1/17th for part of that at Rich.

I'd love to go back to Anchorage. Contemplated getting out just to stay up there. Lots of guys got RIF'd right after Desert Storm and stayed.

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Armor Crewman, M1A1 Delta Co, 2/67 Armor, 3rd AR Div, "SPEARHEAD"(Germany) 1989-1991

M1E1 Delta Co, 2/67 Armor, 1st AR Div "Old Ironsides" (Germany) 1991-1992

First tank: D-33 "Date Rape" M1A1

: D-31 "DeathAngel" M1A1

: D-33 "Deepstrike" M1A1 (Co made us change the name! biggrin.gif political correctness and all that bull. This was also the tank I served with in Southwest Asia)

: D-34 "Drunk and Disorderly" M1E1

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84-88 United states Marine Corp. Inf (0311). Was selected for 8th and I, Spent 3 years there seving on The Marine Corp Silent Drill Team. 88-90 Cold weather scouts (Army Res) out of cambridge, MN. I enjoyed my opportunity to serve, and for the most part i miss those days. course i never had a shot fired at me in anger eather.


Semper Fi.

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I'm also an old IRON DUKE.

Served as COMM CHIEF for

2/72 Armor-Korea HHC and Bco

5th Combat engineer-FTLeonardwood HHC and Bco

2/67 Armor- Friedberg GY and Gulf war (Cco)

2/502 Infantry-FT Campbell HHC

1/43 Air Defense (PATIROT)-KOREA Dco

25th Forward Support-FT Lewis HHC

14 years and Still serving.


Better to make the wrong decision than be the sorry son of a bitch to scared to make one at all

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75-76 Weenie Duty (ie training) FT Bragg, FT Sill, FT Benning

76-79 1st Bn 22d FA, 1AD, Zirndorf, FRG

79-82 6th Bn 80th FA, 7ID, FT ORD CA

82-83 528th FA Group, Chakmakli, Turkey

83-85 Platform Instructor, FT Ord CA

85-86 Personnel Plans Officer, Militayy District of Washington

86-88 ODCSOPS, HQDA, Pentagon

1 Oct 1988 Just gone (IRR)


"Next slide, next slide, you swine! Do you want to brief forever?" Apologies to Frederick the Great

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I guess I'am not suprised to see so many vets, given the forum title. smile.gif

Lots of diversity here.

I certainly miss nothing about my 3 years in.

I guess though that there is always some good in the bad, the friends you make, and sometimes lose, and the closeness of your squad members.

To all the civilians, you didn't miss much.

Hell, I went in when I was 16, enlisted, I wanted to be a paratrooper in the 101st like my favorite uncle was in WW2.

As a kid all of us in the neighborhood would play army, all the time, I'd take my dads medals and show them off.

I probally might have stayed in and been a lifer, but it wasn't the best time, with nam' going on.

Anyway thanks for replies.

Hey LEBO, get back over to Gone Gold. smile.gif


-kill 'em all and let God sort them out-

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81-83: USNR middie, served aboard DDG-12, USS Robison. Almost went to the Falklands.

86-94: USMC Arty (10th and 14th Marine Regiments). Fought in the Gulf doing counterbattery stuff. Almost went to both Iran and Korea after that.



It was a common custom at that time, in the more romantic females, to see their soldier husbands and sweethearts as Greek heroes, instead of the whoremongering, drunken clowns most of them were. However, the Greek heroes were probably no better, so it was not so far off the mark--Flashman

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BorderBill:

U.S. Army Infantry Officer

1884-1989 197th Inf Bde (M)(S) and US Army Infantry Training Center, Ft. Benning,GA

1990-1993 6th Inf Div (L) in Alaska<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Bill, you are one old dude tongue.gif

So what part did you play in the Indian wars tongue.gif?


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1975-1976 US Army IRR awaiting to go to ossifer schoolin'

1976-Infantry ossifer basic Ft Benning

1976-1978-M60A1 tank platoon leader (yup...switched) NCARNG

1978-1979 FO with 2/111 Fa VaARNG (hehe switched agin)

1979-1980 arty ossifer basic at Ft Sill

1980-1983 Ft Stewart, Ga- 2 arty units (Cav FSO & mech inf FSO) and base staff 1 year(ops & training....playing board wargames for pay!!)

1983 arty ossifer advanced at Ft Sill

1983-1986 2/28 FA, Ansbach, Germany (Battery Co & arty liaison..mostly 1/2 Cav)

1987-1988 Bn XO of 36th Trans Bn (AIT), Ft Dix

1988-1990 MOS instructor 2079th RFS USAR

1990-1999 Force managemnt ossifer 2174 USAG, USAR

I retired last year..yeah baby!

ended up an freakin LTC...hehe 24 LLOONNNGG years!

Miss the guys n gals but not the bovine feces!!!


unca pathy will show ya the path,

if only he could find it himself!

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