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  1. Yeah -- I saw this a few days ago. My daughter was home from college and had to show it to me. Laughed my butt off!
  2. Bud_B, thanks for accepting! Let the game begin!
  3. Seeking an opponent for CMBN, CMFI or CMRT. Any game will do. Looking to play a small battle. Move frequency will be 2 to 3 days, depending on my work load. I am not an expert player and consider my myself extremely green. If interested just PM me!
  4. FYI -- before I entered the activation key after installation of the upgrade, I clicked on the icon to play to see whether I needed to reenter the key. The game fired up just fine and I did not need to reenter my key. May want to try that.
  5. Thanks. Through me for a loop for a few minutes since I was expecting 3.0!
  6. Having a PTO version of Combat Mission has been requested since the original group of games came out over a decade ago. As much as I would like to see it, it isn't going to happen. BFC does have their plate full.
  7. The day is not over...at least for me here in Georgia, USA.
  8. Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!
  9. Steve, have to agree with you. It's been decades since I've seen kids playing "war" or cowboy and Indians. Like you, for me it was "combat" outside with the Okinawans. I was 8 when we arrived in 1965. We all had a blast playing (no pun intended). I remember those days fondly!
  10. Chops -- did the same thing on Okinawa while my dad was stationed there in from 1965 - 1970. It's where my interest in WW2 really blossomed. Nothing like walking a battlefield to get a good perspective. Back then, my friends and I found a ton of shell casings, live ammo and other items. We then took the stuff to the Museum at Fort Sukiran -- now Camp Sukiran, I think -- and made a few bucks.
  11. USMC from 1975 - 1979. Served as an Aircraft Electrician (MOS 6636) with VMFA-251. Worked on F4-J Phantom II.
  12. Speaking of Flight Leader, I would love to see this updated. I still have it on an old Windows computer, including the scenario/campaign builder. Perhaps a 3D, turn-based environment with skinnable planes. Add-on paks could include planes, planes and scenarios/campaigns not included in the initial release. It wouldn't be easy, since flight characteristics for all the planes, as well as AA missiles would have to be researched, as well as radar and ECM measures to name a few. Perhaps one day...
  13. I am refraining from using my colorful metaphors that I learned in the Marine Corps. I will just say that it was a di*k post...
  14. Perhaps we will see Molotov cocktails when we have a partisan module for CMRT...wink, wink.
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